Peter Turner - Snap

Peter Turner - Snap

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Peter Turner - Snap


If you are looking for stunning, practical and direct drawing duplications this ebook is for you.
I am Peter Turner and I am happy to present a compilation of drawing duplications from my previous published material Devious Realities and Dare to Be BOLD. If you are looking for clever drawing duplications that require no peeks, no preshow and are as clean as they come look no further. If that wasn’t enough, there are additional ideas and a drawing duplication from Pablo Amira.
1. Mind Plant: A subject thinks of a word, number or picture and you are able to reveal it. Nothing is written down and no preshow.
2. Drawing out Personality: A very sneaky drawing duplication that will have you wondering why you never thought of it.
3. Essay: Thoughts in working with DR and IS.
4. Simon Says: This D. D. is a thing of beauty. Even the audience is under the instant spell of the performer.
5. Just 2 DD (Pablo Amirá): Two business cards and a very direct and clean drawing duplication. Although this work reads like a pipe-dream, is as real as you can get.
[Note for the performers that already own Devious Realities or Dare to be BOLD; the drawing duplications inside this ebook are already in your collection.]
1st edition 2011; 84 pages.