Peter Turner - Bigger Fish

Peter Turner - Bigger Fish

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Peter Turner - Bigger Fish


Book contains the following effects:
A.W.A.A.P any word at any page

An audience’s attention is directed towards an easel covered with a cloth (this could be an envelope handed out prior to performance).

A subject is selected (at random) to be a judge type character (so no information can be misquoted by the performer) HE is asked to select a member of the audience who is going to provide us with a phone number to partake in an experiment of influence.

A phone number is provided by the newly selected subject (typed into the phone by them) and called.

The performer explains to the person on the phone he is with their friend and that they have been selected to partake in an experiment.

The phone is handed to the judge, who is told to get the person on the phone to imagine a book in their mind, call out a page number and a random word.

(This cannot be misquoted as the performer is not the one calling out the information; this is completely bookless it’s all done in the imagination).

For example the person on the phone says page 12 and the word dust .

The cloth is pulled of the easel to reveal your target...Page 12 and the word DUST!

No preshow, no instant stooging, no apps, randomly selected members of the audience, no onstage prompting, no swami and no loading predictions!

Once you give your prediction out (before the start of the effect) you NEVER touch it and best of all, the subject can call their friend back after the show!

This principle can be used for name reveals, drawing dupes you are only limited by your own imagination!

+ Additional ideas by Colin Mcleod, Myke Phillips and Felix Schellenberg

Bonus lead in A.W.A.A.P

Five envelopes, containing five different titles (of five different books) from completely different genres and all confirmed to be different by a random member of the audience are on display.

The audience vote for one of the envelopes (therefore nominating a book title), they have completely free choice NO gimmicked envelopes and you can predict in advance every time which one they will nominate!

+ Alternative variation

Tattle tale

This is a lovely piece for a couple and is hands off.

The couple are handed five Zenner symbols each.

A Star, Waves, Cross, Square and Circle

It is explained to the couple that it is not conscious decisions a couple make that ensure the

longevity of a relationship, but a subconscious connection that the pair shares that is the deciding factor.

Each member is asked to think like the other and place down one card (they make a conscious decision).

When the cards are flipped over they do not match!

They are now asked to place the cards under the table, mix them until they forget the order, take out one card, turn if face up and place it in the middle position.

They are directed to square the cards up and bring them out face down.

The performer then tells a marvellous story that explains the relevance of the Zenner cards.

The couple are asked to fan the cards, when they do the face up cards match!

The audience applause is cut short.

The performer asks the couple to turn each card over in turn and they match also.

They have successfully managed to turn over the same card, but subconsciously arranged the cards into the same order!

+ Promotional aid (additional thought)

Coupleless variation of Tattle tale

Psi Symbol

A psychological force for each of the Esp symbols.

Sweet force of mine

The performer holds five Zenner symbols, as does a subject.

The performer places an Esp symbol facedown and telepathically sends the symbol to the subject who places one of his cards down.

When the cards are flipped over they match!

This is then repeated with the other four symbols and when the cards are turned over they match!