Peter Turner - Dare to be Bold

Peter Turner - Dare to be Bold

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Peter Turner - Dare to be Bold


If you are looking for a variety of of hard hitting effects
presented in a fresh fashion this ebook is for you.

Drawing/word duplications that require no pre-show work or
the need for the subject to write anything down, subject to
subject mind reading, data extraction methods, versatile
utility switch methods for envelopes and other objects, fun
and games with fingers, invisible forces that can be applied
to many of your own effects, Peter's thoughts on performance
and much more!

Imagine being able to have a subject verify an envelope is
opaque, then sign it so it cannot be switched and the only
clue you give them as to the contents inside is that it is
an image, (which could be any image in the world). The
subject invites any second member of the audience onto the
stage and the second subject draws an image and when the
envelope is opened the images match!

"Peter is a genius when it comes to creating; he approaches
ideas boldly, solidly and whole heartedly. His methods are a
construct of many hours of thought and testing. His
Mentalism is hard hitting, impossible to figure out and yet
simple for audiences to follow. His presentations are
contemporary and most importantly...interesting. Get your
hands on anything with his name attached to it whilst you
can, you won?t regret it. Enjoy this book of strong
Mentalism and then get out there and perform it! If you
don?t, you will be missing out".
- Chris Rawlins (Author of Mind Experiments with Kenton

"This book is for you if you want pure effects that look as
clean live as any edited tv performance, the subject thinks
it and you guess it with as little compromise as possible,
Another outstanding book from Peter Turner!"
- Eric Ostresh (Real world performer)


Forward by Chris Rawlins
Intro by author
Trust your instincts (+seated variation)
Dunninger vs Annemann (+ close up presentation)
White board dual reality principle
Subject to subject book test
Simon says
Lost and found
Inside intuition
Time delay prinicple
Logic and trust (performance opinions)
The envelope peek
Prediction production
The rain man effect/map test
Three heads are better than one

1st edition 2011; 75 pages.

Peter Turner is a new face in the mystery arts world. His
enthusiasm for the art form is certainly apparent, but I
have to admit to being a bit biased by much of the material
within this book, Turner's second after DEVIOUS REALITIES.
Most of the routines use a very risky and controversial
method that many mentalists, including me, won't use.
Magicians and mental magicians may have no problem with it.
Unfortunately, I can't be more specific without tipping much
of the material within the book. For this reason, though, I
have a hard time recommending this, but will definitely
concede that it is because of my bias and personal style.
This material may very well inspire and serve you well. And
quite a few performers have already deemed this material as

Also within the book are a few essays on mentalism, though
with these I will say that most of the advice has been said
before. Also, in comparison with other articles on these
subjects that Turner discusses, it is obvious that he is not
as experienced as others who've written on these subjects.
However, the information presented is certainly not wrong or
misleading or invaluable.

Despite my feelings towards the techniques of this material,
if you liked much of the what was in Peter's first book,
you'll like the material in this.