Jerome Finley - Psychic Directions PDF

Jerome Finley - Psychic Directions PDF

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Jerome Finley - Psychic Directions - 2013

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The focus of this new book is almost exclusively on psychic readings, pure and simple.
*** Between these 100 electronic pages I've tipped my preferred "PSYCHIC DIRECTIONS" reading-system which incorporates basic astrology, numerology, colors, chakras, auras, keywords and a symbols index (all included) used to generate an ongoing stream of consciousness and rapid feedback for use in your private readings *AND* public, professional demonstrations of Q&A and Gallery Reading exhibitions. This system is simple to use and easy to learn...I've laid absolutely everything out for my peers and students as clearly and concisely as possible.
*** After my signature "PSYCHIC DIRECTIONS" system I've detailed the exact questions I use during my own public and private readings; tools and techniques I employ and utilize on a daily basis to move both the reader and client directly into the heart of the matters before them, elicit criteria and help focus my reading, subsequent answers, feedback and future forecasts. This is material you want and need in your active toolkit and working repertoire, I assure you.
*** Moving on...I've finally tipped one of the most unique and interesting presentational tools and methods I use for my readings in a piece titled, "What The Heart Says." You'll need to purchase a stethoscope for this particular piece (the only thing you'll need to invest in besides the material in this book!) and besides this single instrument, everything else you need to know is here!
*** One of the most significant pieces in this new offering is a fresh take on a formerly inaccessible classic, "Real Magick" from my $1K ebook "The Taboo Treatise." 5 years after I first shared this remarkable demonstration, this new spin and production is something I personally consider worth its weight in gold. Armed with nothing more than a pen/pencil, piece of paper or business card you'll learn how to take audiences of any size through a personal and transforming example; a working demonstration involving the words we use, how they affect us, shape our thoughts and actions and, ultimately, how each of these things can heal, inspire and empower us.
*** Inside this ebook I've produced an additional primer of sorts - suggestions and guidelines detailing *HOW TO* get started with the art and science of public and private readings, how to turn your efforts into actual money, suggestions for starting and maintaining a thriving practice and various tools, tips, tricks and tidbits I've learned and picked up along the way.
*** In the new "PSYCHIC DIRECTIONS" ebook I've tipped a few more of my closely guarded Q&A presentations that are sure to add a new dimension to your existing work and repertoire and, in some cases, replace what you've BEEN USING completely.
*** The crowning piece of my latest offering is a full-length routine and feature demonstration I have used to open and close my stage shows for several years now and which I affectionately refer to as "Battleship!" This is one helluva gem and hardcore experience of direct mind reading, group telepathy and clairvoyance that you'll have to see to believe. Though simple in execution (in addition to being 100% propless & impromptu!), "Battleship" is something you can use practically anytime, anywhere and WILL BE one of the strongest things you can possibly perform for any decent-sized audience. With 12-18 people involved, readings flying, headlines "hurled" and specific forecasts delivered (!) my "Battleship!" routine is something you'll find yourself using as constantly and consistently as I have.
*** To wrap things up I've given a simple outline and working model detailing exactly how to use and combine EVERY PIECE in this book into one solid, coherent act and professional offering that you can use to begin making money NOW.