Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice III

Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice III

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Welcome to the third and final installment (Book III) of ???The Professional?s

Choice Trilogy.???


When I set out to write these books I hadn?t yet realized what a huge effect and

major impact they would have on my friends, students and peers around the world.

Since their release I?ve been nearly overwhelmed at times by the enormous

volumes of praise and positive feedback these books have inspired others to send

me and I?m over-flowing with ecstasy that so much of my private, pet-material and

signature show pieces have become so well loved, utilized and adopted by such

amazing performers in diverse countries and venues all over the world.


If you?ve made it this far into the ???PC Journey??? then it?s safe to say there?s been

something about myself, these books and their contents that has inspired you on

some deep level and has kept you coming back for more.


One thing I?ve realized regarding my work and varied offerings over the years is

that it?s quite difficult to teach what I do, and I believe this is for the simple reason

that in order to perform this material successfully and integrate it fully, the

person(s) using it MUST be cut from a slightly different cloth and have a different

set of goals and performance criteria in mind and within them when it comes to

sharing what we do.


This is not to say that what I offer or attempt to create and share with my audiences

is any better or worse than what others involved with this art, field and industry

choose to busy themselves with and share with the world accordingly and in

turn??not at all.


Rather, the material set forth in the PC Trilogy represents a new standard in the

field of psycho-spiritual mentalism; a genre complete with new goals, new rules,

new way-showers and brighter visions of what mentalism CAN BE and what we

can choose to make it.