Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice I

Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice I

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The Professional's Choice by Jerome Finley - The Professionals Choice 1


My coveted “True Telepathy II” Act – the version you’ve all been waiting for!

For those of you familiar with my original “True Telepathy” from “Thought Dial” you know this is my current (preferred) version of that routine and something many of you have been asking about for a long time now. This is one of my all-time favorite effects and showpieces to perform and the inspiration for my online handle, TT2.

Also included is my full length “Energetic Touches” routine as used by Alain Nu and other seasoned professionals. This is a complete “energy/chi power demonstration.” The full routine is tipped here in its completeness for the first time ever with 10 distinct phases all modular in nature.

I consider this routine the ultimate in PK-type effects. It doesn’t get any better than this! My “Energetic Touches” can be used alone or combined with other effects and demonstrations of PK/TK (such as my signature spoon bending routine).

This piece is a very significant portion of my personal TIA sequence and one of my most requested effects of all time. It will convince people!

In this showpiece you’ll cause a single participant (or multiple people!) to feel hot and cold energies and invisible touches from up close AND across the room. No physical contact is ever made with the participant, no gimmicks are used, there is no dual reality, no set up, preshow or stooges involved at any time…and no, suggestion alone is not the method!

This routine is simply incredible in construction, psychology and execution; something I’ve been using full time for well over a decade in my professional work and performances. It’s my “go to” piece in most impromptu situations and I’ve featured it in nearly every stage show I’ve done for the past ten years.

Hands down it’s worth the price of this book many, MANY times over and will never be taught anywhere else again. Now is your opportunity to add this stellar piece to your professional working repertoire.


The “PC” book details my outline, methods and structure for my personal 6 Phase “Pulse Control” routine including my techniques for speeding up, slowing down, stopping, starting and synchronizing your pulse with a participant’s. Soon after the entire audience is affected in a positive way!

This routine is impromptu, propless, no gimmicks of any kind are used and yet it's reliable and perfectly safe. I teach the breathing and visualization techniques, muscle contractions and chest compressions that I use to perform this miraculous piece anytime, anywhere under the fairest conditions and most convincing manner possible.

Also included are my professional touches which allow the pulse to be taken in the chest, neck and wrist with the same results.


A complete act!

Following my “Guerrilla” criteria this multi-phase Q&A allows the performer to read the thoughts, dreams and memories of audience members, interpret their meanings, answer secret thought of questions and even experience their vivid/lucid dream imagery in real time live on stage!


This is my personal metal bending routine. You'll display an incredible sequence with multiple phases using a single ungimmicked spoon (or fork) which melts, bends, twists and warps in front of your audience. To finish, the spoon is bent into a mind boggling position and given away. This is another pet routine I’ve only shared during private consultations.

A detailed essay describes how to host a PK Spoon Bending Party (Home PSI Party) and one of the best kept secrets ever, the exact spoons I use and where to get them for cheap and with free shipping!

These spoons look great, bend like soft butter yet appear large, heavy and sturdy. They are perfect for PK Parties and inexpensive to source if you know where to look. The spoons I use are the ones incorporated by many of the TOP spoon benders across the country who are not mentalists. This tip alone will save you hundreds of dollars in spoons, forks and other utensils for bending.

Now you can obtain the same spoons I use, although my routine will work with ANY spoon or fork you can find or borrow.

In addition to the above these notes also contain two incredible methods for giving personal readings, my “Chakra Dowsing” routine, my full walk around hypnosis and TIA demonstration (including my introduction & set up, detailed scripts, preliminary tests, inductions, Mind Games and more!), a new “Thought Channel” routine with completely different methods, tells and psychologies that I now use and favor over the original, two full length essays and a special bonus I’d rather not speak about on the forums, but trust me when I say you’ll love and use it forever.

I’ve decided to let just 30 copies of this book go. When they’re gone they’re gone and I have no plans to ever reprint them or make them available again.

Interested parties may contact me via PM or email.

“The Professional’s Choice” contains nearly 300 pages of my greatest work to date and the material taught within (with the exception of the Q&A) is all suitable for close up/walk around, parlor settings, private readings, street performances and stage work.

These notes are currently at my local printer and will start shipping Monday (Free Shipping via Priority Mail).

Thank you!

-Jerome Finley