The Broken Mandible Lecture by Jerome Finley (Audio)

The Broken Mandible Lecture by Jerome Finley (Audio)

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Jerome Finley - The Broken Mandible Lecture

I've been working hard on a very special MP3 project known as The Broken Mandible Lecture which is a full 3.5 hour audio course and intensive home study program geared specifically towards magicians, mentalists, psychic entertainers, healers, teachers, visionary artists, revolutionary leaders and way-showers, optimum lifestyle consultants, DIY/Startup business and peak performance coaches, online marketing experts and information sales specialists, reality engineers, stage hypnotists and clinical hypnotherapists.

Details and content information can be found below - AUDIO PART ONE: Automatic Mind Reading, Impromptu Mentalism and Street Hypnosis!

In this incredible first part of the lecture I establish a baseline for the mind-body connection and ideomotor actions and resulting effects; what they are, how to elicit the unconscious/automatic response within yourself and others, all it can do, WHY and HOW this works and exactly how I use it in the following examples:

  • Contact Mind Reading and Non-Contact Mind Reading Methods
  • Pendulum Dowsing and Calibration 101
  • Applied Kinesiology and Energetic Muscle Testing with Calibration Sequence
  • Hypnotic "Focus Tests" and Set Pieces
  • The Magnetic Fingers
  • Magnetic Palms
  • The Handclasp Test
  • Light and Heavy Hands
  • "Push and Pull" - The Posture Sway Test
  • Psychic Trust Fall
  • Group Pendulum Control and Mass Effects
  • My Signature Opening Routine "Heart Song"
  • Enrolling and Selecting Stage Volunteers with Psychological Forces
  • My "3-4-5" Opener (3 Psychological and Statistical Forces working in harmony!)
  • The Abnormal Lift
  • The Catatonic Chair Stand, Psychic Plank + "Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board!" Games.
  • Eye Gazing and Facial Morphing ("My Voice Will Go With You!").
  • The Crimson Wall Scripts and Focused Suggestions for Creating Effective Inner, Outer and Environmental Effects and Phenomena.
  • The Aikido Arm Test/Unbendable Arm
  • The Thought Flower and Finger Cone
  • The IMR Finger Link
  • My patent "Thought Circle" exercise for both solo and group work.
  • Growing Limbs (Fingers, Legs and Arms!) with Intention, Energy and the IMR.
  • "The Magnetic Fiasco" - a self contained act in miniature combining many of the above principles and associated techniques into one perfect and cohesive sequence.
  • The 7 Minute Hypnosis Show (!) - a self contained, close up "street AND stage appropriate" act and signature demonstration which showcases the full potential of the human mind, the power of suggestion, belief and expectation, the placebo effect, remote/distant healing and the power of prayer, the "Geller and Mahirishi Effect(s)" and actively creating (implanting) self fulfilling prophecies and suggestions.
  • "Super 7" - a complete show and act in miniature featuring applied kinesiology and energetic muscle testing in a full and beautiful sequence that grows, builds up rapidly and finishes the demo in grand style and fashion.
  • Working with the Bottle Pendulum
  • Dowsing with Multi-Bob Pendulums
  • Etheric Weavers and The Cameron Aurameter
  • How I utilize Bob Burn's "The Swan" routine in my own work and performances.
  • "Introducing Power Patterns" - 3 psychological scripts, principles and suggestions which help to ensure compliance, connection, rapport and mutual agreement within your spectators and active participants.
  • The Jumping Pulse and "Short Jump" techniques.
  • Glass Moving
  • Table Tipping
  • Talking Boards and Dowsing Charts
  • My own model and pro tips for working with a 100% REAL Blindfold (!).
  • Automatic Writing Routines and Techniques
  • The REAL Contact Mind Reading Book and Word Test
  • CMR Methods to Duplicate Signatures, Drawings and Sketches easily and naturally!
  • Revealing "thought-of-cards", "hidden objects", "Names", "Numbers", "Words", "Drawings" and secret locations using contact and non-contact mind reading, pendulum dowsing, applied kinesiology, pen/pencil and sound reading, blindfold methods and both my 1 and 2-handed "Gypsy Glimpse" methods.