The Velvet Expanse By Jerome Finley PDF

The Velvet Expanse By Jerome Finley PDF

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Jerome Finley - The Velvet Expanse

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Welcome to ???The Velvet Expanse.???
The following is an impressive collection of my unpublished essays, private
thoughts, working material, real world techniques and otherworldly approaches to
what we all we know and love as contemporary mentalism, hypnosis and psychic
Each technique and unique application which follows hails straight from my
personal ACTIVE working repertoire and like all of my material, each piece
contained herein has been rigorously tested, fine tuned in the field over several
years and countless performances and then further maximized for its potency,
clarity and deep emotional impact by my students, teachers, peers and comrades.
Please use the following information wisely and with compassion and note, the
material and applications in this book are in no way meant or intended to cure,
treat or diagnose any injury, sickness or medical emergency. Please consult with
your doctor before starting any weight loss plan or exercise regimen. The
information in this book is offered to my students for educational and
informational purposes only.