Secrets of my magic by David Devant

Secrets of my magic by David Devant

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Secrets of my magic by David Devant

This Ebook/PDF(177 pages) is filled with David Devant’s Magic and thoughts on performing.


Introduction (S.H. Sharpe)

Chapter I Card Magic

Misdirection of the Senses
How Cards are Forced
Tricks with Forcing Cards
The Pass and the False Shuffle

Chapter II Card Magic (continued)

The Art of Palming Cards
Changing a Card
La Carte Generale and How it is Done
The Multitude of Cards Trick

Chapter III Billiard Ball Magic

Multiplication of Billiard Balls
Transformation of Balls into Eggs
Transfers, Sleights, and Apparatus Used in Ball Conjuring
Apparent Transfer With Palm
Aparent Transfer With Finger-Palm
Apparent Transfer by Combination Palm

Chapter IV Billiard Ball Magic (continued)

How to Present a Billiard Ball Illusion
The Cup and Balls Trick: with transformation of Balls into Oranges

Chapter V Flower Magic

The Dream of the Dove Illusion
Flower Materialisation
Bautier’s Flower Trick: Devant’s version
Producing Blooms from Seeds
he Mascot Moth
The Electric Conservatory and The Beast Who Turns into a Prince

Chapter VI Opening Illusions

Producing a Rabbit from a Top Hat
Importance of Details: How Maskelyne Began

Chapter VII Mechanical Magic

The Golliwog Ball
Juggling with Milk
The Paper, Ribbon and Flag Trick explained

Chapter VIII Famous Illusions RevealedChapter IX More Famous Illusions

Beau Brocade
The New Page-Boy
The Mystery of the Magic Mirror

Chapter X Egg Magic

A Boy, a Girl, and Some Eggs
Hatching a Chicken from an Egg
The Egg-Bag Trick Improved

Chapter XI The Indian Rope Trick

A Stage Version of this Mythical Illusion Presented and Explained

Chapter XII Magical Mysteries

The Window of the Haunted House
The Ink that Becomes Water
The Chocolate Soldier Illusion or The Man who Diminishes

Chapter XIII More Magical Mysteries

The Obliging Kettle: Wines and Liqueurs from a Kettle
The Burmese Gong Illusion
The Magician who Vanishes Himself

Chapter XIV Magical Sketches

St. Valentine’s Eve, or The Envelope which Becomes a Girl
The Enchanted Hive Illusion
The Great Ghost Trick

Chapter XV Masterpieces of Magic

Borrowed Bill Shot Into Candle
Biff, or The Disappearing Motor-Cyclist
The Gnome’s Grot
The Educated Fly Illusion

Chapter XVI Mental Magic

Thought-Reading Extraordinary
Articles and Actions
The Secrets of Mental Magnetism
Translucidation, or The Blindfold Letter-Reader

Chapter XVII Three Unproduced Illusions

The Advent of Peter Pan
The Cage of Good Luck

Chapter XVIII Creating an Illusion

Ideas and Effects
A Novel Illusion
The Man who Makes Money

Chapter XIX Some Awkward Moments

In the Eyes of the Law
An Unexpected Wetting
The Gunpowder Plot

Chapter XX Magic of My Contemporaries

A New Method for the Spirit Slates (Oswald Williams)
The Card and Tack Trick (Horace Goldin)
Invisible Dye (Douglas Dexter)
A New Thought-Wave Experiment (H. Park Shackleton)
Surprising Finish to Cigarette Production (Len Burnell)
The Spirit Message (G. W. Eade)
£1000 Challenge Effect (Fred Hocking)
A “Tee Bee” Effect (Tom Burnett)
Misdirection (Arthur Sherwood)

Chapter XXI Magic of My Contemporaries (continued)

A.B.C. Watch and Card Trick (Herbert J. Collings)
A Pack of Cards (Graham Adams)
The Caledonian Mystery (W. Donald Forsyth)
The Diminishing Card Trick (Edward Victor)
The Indestructible Handkerchief (Allen Benbow)
The Torn Strip of Paper (Ralph Delvin)
The Miracle Paper (Ellis Stanyon)
Handkerchief, Tumbler, and Flowers (Will Blyth)
The Allottment (Vincent Dalban)
Shopping by Wireless (Ralph Chart)
Blindfold Card Reading (George Johnson)
The Vanity Bag Illusion (Cecil Lyle)
The Presto Painting Mystery (W. G. Stickland)
The Optical Pass (Chris Van Bern)
New Spirit Message Effect (Oswald Rae)
Coin and Card Divination (Edward Bagshawe)
The Multiple Laundry Mystery (Kershaw Thomas)
Tests of the Court Magician (Francis White)
Early Days of Magic (Charles Moritt)
The Mystery of Asrah (Servais Le Roy)
The Sunshade Trick (L. Davenport)


Notes for the Construction of Conservatory in The Advent of Peter Pan Illusion