Secrets of Mental Magic By Spencer Thornton

Secrets of Mental Magic By Spencer Thornton

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Secrets of Mental Magic By Spencer Thornton

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Dr. Thornton's "Secrets of Mental Magic" puts an array of powerful mentalism tools and methods at your fingertips. These include: Thorntonism - a 100% practical device you can prepare in minutes for switching billets, bills or bank notes, playing cards, and more; Mind Over Matter - learn how to make Nelson's famed Mental Gimmick...a bulldog clip that enables you to switch a billet right under the spectator's noses; I'll Read Your Mind - an outstanding, direct book test that requires no page force...the spectator simply opens the book to ANY page; The Mystery of the Keys - a brilliant and extremely clean handling for Annemann's "7 Keys to Baldpate"; Precognition - an Add a Number gimmick...similar to Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Switch Pad, however we think you'll like Thornton's approach better; Transmission of Thought - a diminishing mirror for Burling Hull's design duplication technique you probably already own; Thornton's Direction of Thought - a convincing demonstration of thought control that uses ESP symbols drawn on blank business cards; Mental Three Shell Game - a spectator places an object under one of three cups and mixes them...all while your back is turned...even so, you are able to reveal the correct cup with uncanny accuracy; plus headline and publicity predictions, and more! 33 pages, illustrated, completely re-typeset.