Osterlind's 13 Steps: 7: Metal Bending by Richard Osterlind

Osterlind's 13 Steps: 7: Metal Bending by Richard Osterlind

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Osterlind's 13 Steps: 7: Metal Bending by Richard Osterlind

TODAY, Richard Osterlind is teaching every method he REALLY USES to bend metal for paying clients, including the famous Karate Bend.

Whether you want to learn metal bending, or master it, this is the PERFECT lesson.

Here's what the pros are saying:

"Be prepared to constantly stop the video and take notes" -Shaun Dunn

"I have been a mentalist/magician working for 20 years. Anyone who is serious about there craft will buy not only this but the entire series. Great product worth every penny!" -Anthony Spinelli

"Listening to Mr. Osterlind is like listening to an old college professor who is skilled at breaking everything down. He helps you to grasp a better understanding." -Mister Xman

"I already have most of Richard's DVDs, yet I learned new things. Thank you, Richard!" -Bill O'Connell

"Watching this helped me with some issues I was having in my own routine I put together" -Nat Lawson

"Very thorough,taught at a good pace. You will need time to understand the reasons behind his method ,which he has mastered over the years ,and get the technique down, to where it is flawless. But I really think it will be worth the time spent." -Jeff Chambers

"His biggest gift may be his ability to explain in practical, down-to-earth language how to become a legendary mentalist." -Maxwell Murphy

For over 40 years, Richard Osterlind has been pioneering new ways to read minds, hypnotize, bend metal and more. He's considered one of the living legends of mentalism.

Aimed at serious students of the art, Osterlind's 13 Steps is a MODERN look at the fundamentals of mentalism based on Richard's lifetime of experience. It has some obvious similarities to the classic text, Corinda's 13 Steps, but is an entirely independent course based on Richard's own experience.

PROFESSIONALS: If you bend metal, or want to learn, there's no better time than today. Osterlind has been mastering his craft for 40 years, and today he's generously teaching in more detail than ever before. It's truly a must-have for any serious student of magic or mentalism.