Nick Locapo Penguin Live Online Lecture

Nick Locapo Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Nick Locapo LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

One of the hardest-working magicians in America shares polished presentations and his favorite routines.

"Nick Locapo is a consistently solid entertainer whose clever, professional, well-polished routines are enjoyed by all who are fortunate enough to witness them. Plus, his hair is amazing."- Dan Harlan

"I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Nick at a convention last year. His act was top notch; a true professional with an endearing stage personality. Besides enjoying just about everything he performed, he managed to completely fool me! I know that I am looking forward to his upcoming lecture; you should too!"- Cody S. Fisher

"Nick performs A TON, I think he's addicted to it. Fortunately for us that means his original creations have been perfected before he gives them to Magic community. His "Pinky Thing" is a perfect example of that endless pursuit of magical perfection. Every angle is covered and every audience is considered no stone is left un-turned. I am one of the few to get a sneak peek into what he has in store for this lecture and if I wasn't showing up in person I'd be first in line to buy the download, it's just that good."- Shaun Dunn

"The stuff in this lecture is not only road worthy worker material that destroys Lay people, it's well taught by someone who knows what good magic is. Nick Locapo is more than the face of Penguin Magic. He's the real flippin' deal."- Erik Tait

"I've seen Nick perfrom hundreds of times, literally... and he never disappoints. Definitely one of the few guys I know that can rock ANY crowd!"- Brandon Gerald


What will he teach?

Two Card Omni: Nick's go-to trick trick for walk around and social situations. It's a modular, multi-phase card routine with a surprise ending.

The Four Deuces: You and your spectator find any four of a kind, from a shuffled deck, without looking!

Nick's Touch: A thought of playing card is predicted with 100% accuracy. Nick shows you the modern updates he has made to the original Paul Curry Touch routine.

Svengali Beatdown: Nick shares his crazy multi-phase Svengali deck routine that he created for Penn & Teller Fool Us. You will also learn a variety of rare Svengali deck techniques.

The Pinky Thing: Learn how to make your pinky finger vanish and reappear. Nick covers the basics on his most popular impromptu trick.

Balloon Swallow: Learn how to magically swallow a 4 foot long party balloon. Nick shares everything he has learned on this reputation making stunt after thousands of performances.

The Levitator: Nick shows you how to levitate cards, coins, bills or any other small object using this simple setup you can keep in your wallet.

Multiple Card Revelation Routine: The Multiple Revelation may well be the ultimate card trick. You will learn how to have any amount of spectators each select a card and then find them in an array of increasingly impressive ways. Nick shares his clever approach to performing the multiple card revelation in a parlor environment.

The Multiplying Bottles: The Multiplying Bottles has been Nick's closer to his show for the last decade, and in this lecture he shares everything he has learned about this wonderful piece of magic. You will learn about what kind of bottles to use, routines, table surfaces, jokes, gags, timing & rhythm, liquid loads, how to perform in different types of venues and much much more.

Who is he?

Nick Locapo is one of the hardest working magicians in America. Over the last decade he has he has performed his close-up and stage act for over a million people, and thousands of organizations.
He spent 5 years as a featured magician performing at NBC Universal Studios, a state of the art American theme park and entertainment resort complex in Orlando Florida. 
Today, Nick is a resident performer at P3 Magic Theater in Columbus Ohio. Nick also works for Penguin Magic, the biggest magic shop in the world. He teaches the newest magic available to magicians everywhere.