Mike Gallo LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2022

Mike Gallo LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2022

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Mike Gallo Penguin LIVE

"Mike Gallo happens to be one of the best coin workers I know." -David Roth

"As always, his technique is impeccable, and his lessons are perfect for both beginners and experts. He has two of the best hands in magic. Thanks for always Mike's material is phenomenal." -Kainoa Harbottle

"Mike Gallo is one of the best coin magicians I have ever seen. His technique is flawless, his presentations are original, and the amount of material he performs seems boundless. When he performs you are immediately put at ease by his friendly demeanor, and then BAM, he hits you over the head with mind blowing magic that you had no idea was coming!" -Michael Rubenstein

What will he teach?

Mike teaches a ton of great magic using cards, coins, balls, cups, and dice.

Easy coins across- Four coins travel one at a time from hand to hand. If you wanted an easy to perform this classic then this is a great place to start.

Scarne's 3 Ball Routine- Straight from the Stars of Magic, this is an underrated miracle using just 3 balls.

Okito Opener- A simple routine using an okito box. Mike used this as an opener for years when table hopping. It's a worker.

CBS- Based on Presley Guitar's copper silver brass, but no gimmicks are used. Your not going to believe this is ungimmicked.

Tattoo's Last Dice Trick- A dice effect based on Doc Daley's Chromosphere with a smash climax.

Ball and Vase- Yeah, it's the trick that came with your first magic set. However, this routine is nothing like that! Dust off your prop and start working. This routine is a visual stunner with an epic final load.

Lou's Blues and Reds Too- Lou Gallo's unpublished handling of oil and water using three blue back kings and three red back aces.

Lou vs. the Gambler- Once again, an unpublished effect from Mike's father, this follows the plot of The Magician vs. The Gambler.

Inter Change Collectors- Three selections are sandwiched between four kings. The selections vanish from the kings and are found sandwiched between four aces.

Okito Goes Wild- A fusion of wild coin and an okito box. Three half dollars penetrate an okito box, then they change into copper one coin at a time. But then they all changes to Chinese coins, before finally changing into three jumbo coins.

Coins and Cylinder- Mike's take on John Ramsay's classic routine

Cups and Balls- A classic routine that is great for table hopping.

Who is he?

Mike Gallo is a living legend. He began cutting his teeth in magic at an early age performing at the famed Forks Hotel under the guidance of his father, Lou Gallo, and the late Eddie Fechter. He was a top demonstrator for Tannen's and a regular contributor to The Trapdoor magazine. He now lectures world wide and is considered one of the best close-up magicians in his own right, even as he carries on the inventive and insightful tradition of his father.