Michael Kaminskas LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Michael Kaminskas LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Michael Kaminskas LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

A large assortment of clever close-up and some nifty knuckle-busting moves.

"It is extremely obvious that Michael fully understands the difference between something that is magic and something that is magical."-Howard Hamburg

"The material Mike is teaching at this lecture is designed with the audience in mind. It is about getting maximum reactions under real-world conditions. Whether you are performing in a casual environment or representing a corporate client’s brand, there is something here for you."David Corsaro

"Watching Michael Kaminskas work is a master class in sleight-of-hand and audience entertainment. Pay attention!"Shoot Ogawa

"Michael has a great sense of finesse; he adds a touch of simple class to classic effects for the modern working pro. He knows how to make magic magical and memorable."-Francis Menotti

"Michael works in the real world for real people. His magic is created to work in all environments and produce hard hitting moments. If you want strong magic that works, I would pay attention."Christian Painter

"Michael Kaminskas is a WORKER!!!! He understands people and what it takes to entertain them. When he speaks, I listen! Your magic will be better if you listen, too!"Paul Green

"Having had the pleasure to have worked with Michael at the Magic Castle, I can tell you without hesitation that if Michael were to share any of his hard-fought / blood-bought, real world experience, it’s worth your time to drop everything and give him a listen. A true professional."Thom Peterson, The Amazing Guy

"Mike has been a wonderful creative force in magic for many years now with several books, DVD's, and effects on the market. More than that, the material he releases comes from his extensive repertoire of strolling, formal close-up and parlor magic. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a top worker."-Marc DeSouza

"Michael Kaminskas is a very talented magician: As a performer he handles cups and balls, coins and many other classics of magic with great success. As a creator, he has the rare ability to take classic effects adding his own ideas to create variations that are worth studying."Lawrens Godon

"Michael’s passion and love for magic shows in every effect he creates and performs. His attention to detail and streamlined methods are impressive, deceptive and, most importantly, entertaining."Joe Rindfleisch

"What’s to say? Mike is a great guy and his magic is just as great!"Dan Hauss

"Whenever a magician asks to see a cool trick they never saw before, my first thought is always Michael Kaminskas. Michael’s ideas have been a secret weapon for those who knew them, hidden away in books. I guess that secret is about to get out. There’s a place for one of Michael’s routines in everybody’s act. In this lecture you’ll probably get ten. Michael is the best."Mark James

"If you're looking for solid, tested sleight of hand effects that will WOW your audiences, you will have to watch this lecture."-Suzanne

"Michael Kaminskas creates secrets with the forbidden knowledge passed on from the masters of the past. With audiences always evolving; so too must their experience. Tap into the mind of a 21 century magician with 2 centuries of experience."-Reed McClintock

"Michael has some killer ideas that I've enjoyed for many years! Michael is skillful, creative and a super nice guy. You're gonna learn some great magic!"-Chad Long

"I've know Mike Kaminskas for many years and I've never seen him fail to charm an audience with his deceptively casual delivery and devastating sleight-of-hand."-Scott Alexander

"Michael is one of my favorites to watch at Fechter's...a guy who works for real people."-Martin Cox

"Mike is a thinker, a creator, and builder of magic.... he truly is a magical Architect. Combine all that with his world class sleight of hand and you've got my attention."-Eric Jones

What will he teach?

MULTIPLICITYA coin production sequence not for the faint of heart. No gaffs, gimmicks, or sleeves! A lesson in audience management.

FLYING SILVERCoins travel from one hand to the other...No coin counting or funny moves. A staple of Michael's act for over 20 years!

YOU MARKED IT!A logical coin in bottle that can be done anywhere. Even naked if you desire. Best of all, the spectator even removes their signed coin!

InvestMINTSA borrowed signed note routine that maximizes Bruno Hennings impossible location plot. Easy to do and fooling.

CANDY CAPERTear a pack of candy open, pour some out and instantly reseal the package and hand it out. Then, if desired, you can even change the whole pack of candy to a totally different brand.

GONE!A no gaff variant of of Dean Dill's BLIZZARD effect. A signed selection jumps through the pack, the back changes color and the rest of the deck turns blank. Everything may be examined.

CUT THAT OUTA four card revelation that takes audience involvement to the extreme. Imagine your spectators shuffling and cutting and finding four of a kind... what are the odds?!?

SILKCOINOne sheer scarf, one coin and a whole lot of magic. Solid through solid... simple and direct.

BOGUS BREAKTHROUGHThe instant production of a deck of cards from paper napkins.

TRIUMPHANT RETURNSMichael's homage to Dai Vernon's tabled triumph routine with an out of this world finish.

My CCRA chop cup routine that is NOT a guessing game. Unleash the power of this great prop with Michaels innovative techniques.

SILVER PASSAGEThree coins melt through a solid table one by one. Start clean, end clean!

GLASSY COINSCoins to glass like you've never seen before. The last coin traveling into the glass under test conditions.


TOSS DOWN SPINNING DOUBLEAn amazing card move that looks like a fidget spinner. It seems impossible that you can hide an extra card, but using this technique it's not only possible.. it's down right easy.

BBCWhy the BBC? What else would you call a buckle bottom control from the center of the pack.

ROLL DOWN VANISH/SWITCHUtilizes the coin roll flourish to create some devastating magic including the ultra clean vanish of a coin or a squeaky clean one coin across sequence.

IMPURSECEPTABLEA non-gaff loading procedure for those that work with Ton Onosaka style coin purses. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Who is he?

For Michael, magic is not just an occupation; it's a way of life! Internationally recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today, Michael Kaminskas is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic. The author of several books, as well as creator of numerous effects and instructional DVDs for the professional magician, Michael's work has been featured in nearly every trade publication - including a coveted Cover and feature story in MUM the trade periodical of the oldest magic organization in the world.

Michael earned his Doctorate degree in Magic at 4F, a prestigious invitation-only gathering of 200 of the best close-up magicians on the planet. He belongs to several magic organizations, including the Magic Circle in London, England where he was admitted with Silver Star. While Michael has performed and lectured at venues large and small, being a regular headliner at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California remains a personal favorite.

His magic has been featured on the BET, CBS, NBC and FOX television networks and his one-man show, IMAGINE, was completely sold-out for its extended three year run. It's no wonder that Michael is highly sought after in the corporate world for his marketing acumen. With Michael, you get a unique blend of motivator, speaker, humorist, salesman and sleight-of-hand artist. His corporate presentations combine all these elements allowing Michael to uniquely deliver YOUR MESSAGE and to make it stick!