Casshan Wallace Penguin Live Online Lecture

Casshan Wallace Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Casshan Wallace LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

"Casshan is a Force in Magic, I'm a big fan of his work!" -Nicholas Lawrence


"Casshan Wallace has a brilliant mind that makes it's home in the creative oceans of pragmatic and VISUAL magic. His lecture is full of his masterclass ideas that will have you doing double takes. Just back from working and creating magic in china, witness what REAL magic should look like..DO NOT MISS THIS LECTURE!" -Justin Miller

"Casshan is a CREATIVE FORCE in Magic, his effects are always a fresh & forward way of thinking about this art!" -Seth Race

What will he teach?

Casual Opener- A quick card opener where the wrong card changes to the right card, and back to the wrong card.

Cannibal Card- A selected card is placed amongst the four jacks where it instantly vanishes and re-appears in his wallet. He repeats it again, with the selected card face-up this time. It once again instantly vanishes, only to be found face-up in the deck held by someone else.

Card to Phone Case- Card vanishes while someone is taking a video of it and appears inside the phone case.

Coin Under Watch- A coin vanishes from a spectator's hand and appears under the magician's watch. Upon repeating it, the coin appears under the spectator's watch.

Vanishing Cube- Great follow up to any instant Rubik's Cube solve.


Who is he?

Cash is known for having a very open mind when it comes to creating and his thoughts on magic. Cash is very active and always displaying crazy and creative ideas on his social media. These ideas have opened up multiple consulting opportunities and tv time for this young creator over the past few years.