Ekaterina LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2021 (Full Download)

Ekaterina LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2021 (Full Download)

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Ekaterina Penguin Live Online Lecture

MP4 Video + PDF Full Download

What will she teach?

You'll learn a lot of DIY gimmicks and pure sleight of hand that are super visual and your audiences will remember for a lifetime.

Layers- A revealed card is peeled by the spectator where they find that their own face, signature, or virtually anything else you want is printed inside the card. The possibilities are endless. Simply put, this is worth the price of the lecture.

Sponsored- A bottle cap is removed from the top of the bottle, slammed through the bottom and ends up back on top. Once you see this effect you will want to do this right away.

Ring Routine- This is a visual routine with a ton of impressive moves. It's an attention grabber.

Bill Switch for an Omnibill Routine- A normal dollar bill is folded and when it is unfolded, it is transparent. Nobody sees this coming. Ekaterina will talk about experimenting with new materials and exploring your own strengths and knowledge base when working with another performer's effects.

Chicago Opener- A card is selected and returned to the deck. The back of the selected card changes color, then the face of the card changes to a different selection. You can ramp up the power level of the effect by using the Layers gimmick to leave your audience with an impossible souvenir.

Jumping Gemini- A classic transformation and transposition effect that Ekaterina has performed to land gigs with international brands.

Fox Tail- The evolution of one of Ekaterina's most famous sleights: Agape.

Who is she?

Ekaterina is an internationally renowned magician from Moscow, Russia. Gaining fame from her independently produced YouTube videos, she has since been featured on numerous television networks, including The CW, The History Channel, SyFy, and ITV.
As a corporate entertainer and consultant, her clients include Shopify, L’Oreal, and Coca-Cola. She is also the CEO of her own expanding company that provides marketing services.