2017 Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE Online Lecture)

2017 Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE Online Lecture)

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Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)

Diamond Jim Tyler returns with some of the best bar bets, puzzles and impromptu magic from his Bamboozlers series!

“It's not often you get to watch someone truly in their element. Magic is Diamond Jim's element and witnessing his control of it is awe inspiring.” Michael Dardant, Olympic Limbo Champion

“Diamond Jim Tyler has it all!!! He is a worker and a thinker. His magic is powerful and the impact on his audiences is memorable! If you want your audiences to remember you, then you must add some of Diamond Jim's material.” - Paul Greene

“DJT has lived a magical life and it shows. He's a pure artist with talent in his very soul. From top-notch performance pieces to his 'Bamboozler' series of books, DJT is a major force in the craft of magic.” Christopher Hannibal

"DJT is one of the best teachers of magic in the community. His material is commercial, entertaining and well thought out as he is truly a real world worker!" - Karl Koppertop

What will he teach?

Diamond Jim Tyler has chosen some of the best bar bets and puzzles and impromptu magic from his Bamboozlers series for this seminar. The last time DJT lectured for Penguin he broke the record for most magic per minute over the course of two hours. Jim plans to break his own record with this lecture. This new lecture will feature scams and visual bits using toothpicks, bottles, money, straws, utensils, dice, paper, and many more commonplace items. These are the type of effects that all magicians need in their arsenal when asked to perform off the cuff.

Who is he?

Diamond Jim Tyler has practiced magic since 1976 and performed it professionally since 1986. He’s won awards, played TV, worked the Magic Circle in London and performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood on numerous occasions. He’s authored several books and DVDs on magic and invented many stand-alone effects. He’s performed in 46 states and 29 other countries. He’s performed for many celebrities like Jay Leno, Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson. He’s also the most regular guest star magician on Scam School that has over 1.7 million followers.