Anthony Asimov LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Anthony Asimov LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Anthony Asimov LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Unique presentations and unusual props turn great tricks into truly memorable magic.

“Anthony is that extremely rare magician... the part time pro who'll make you wonder why he's not a full time professional. Great personality, strong and original magic, interesting and fooling techniques... he's got it all, in spades. You WILL become a better magician listening to Anthony. It would be impossible not to.”

Will Fern

“Don’t be fooled by Anthony’s casual charm. He WILL fool you. He has constructed routines that are so well thought out, they will throw you off guard and take you down a road you weren’t expecting — all leading to a conclusion that is both entertaining and frustratingly deceiving.”
Jonathan Levit

“(His) effects are first-rate.”
Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

“Anthony Asimov is a very likable guy and fun to watch (both in performance and explanation), and he has a skill for putting an interesting spin on things. There's much to learn from his way of thinking.”
Jeff Stone,

“Mr. Asimov is a festive and engaging performer, and every item is a theatrical showpiece. Cosmic Appearing Cards fooled me badly.”
Dustin Stinett, Genii Magazine

What will he teach?

Sobriety Test– Anthony’s visual opener has candy bars vanishing and re-appearing over and over under impossible conditions. It gets the magic happening fast and everyone participating instantly, no matter what size audience.

Ripped & Fixed– This is the easiest torn and restored card effect that you’ll ever do with asignedcard. Simple, fast, impossible.

The Alien Thread– Anthony’s unique and clever update on the classic Gypsy Thread plot enhances this stunning effect with new and colorful (im)possibilities!

Cosmic Appearing Cards– In this updated handling of his signature routine, Anthony uses a deck of cards, a felt hat, a silk, and a light bulb (that lights up in the spectator’s hands!) to manifest three playing cards freely named by the audience.

The Skulls of Anarchy– Performed to music, this is Anthony’s hauntingly beautiful matrix-style effect using Tarot cards, three tiny skulls and a gem stone.

The Alien Concept– An out-of-this world experience that uses a toy plastic alien and a rarely-used secret gimmick to change the face of a playing card being tightly held by a spectator.

The Twin Card– In this self-working routine, a spectator pairs two cards together using only his decisions and a single die.

The Cloned Cards II– In this streamlined handling of an effect he released in 2013, Anthony brings a bigger punch to his Wild Card routine where a stack of duplicate cards unexpectedly begins changing one at a time into a card the spectator “accidentally” chooses.

Money Montage– This routine combines two classic effects using a spectator’s borrowed dollar bill. Anthony explains subtleties that elevate the overall effects, and ends the routine with a comedic touch.

This Is Nuts– This is Anthony’s signature show closer using walnuts and a deck of cards. It’s simply impossible! While it may not have fooled Penn & Teller, it fools everyone else!

The Joker’s Ring– Anthony opens the door to his creative process and shares an effect that is currently “in development.” In this whimsical effect, Anthony rips and folds a playing card which he converts into a finger ring. When a spectator tries to select a card to try this himself, things go haywire!

In addition to all of that...

Anthony discusses the core philosophy of his magic, which is: VISUAL = MEMORABLE.

How to deal with anxiety and nervousness.

Cursing during your act... should you?

How tocorrectlyuse a “special effects” prop (i.e., smoke, light bulbs, sound effects, etc.)

Thoughts on creating a persona, and not venturing too far out of the tone you’re setting for your audience.

Two of Anthony’s horror stories are revealed, which happened during his shows!

Scripting your act... is it possible to over-script your show? How much is too much?

Thoughts on creating a visual story around an effect.

Anthony gives a detailed look at the inside of his close-up case. He explains how to build a customized interior for your case – tailored to each prop – using affordable and easily obtainable supplies.

Anthony discusses why he left magic for twelve years, and what he experienced creatively when he returned to the art.

Don't miss it!

Who is he?

Anthony “Asimov” Masi became a magician at the age of 10. He is a performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and his close-up and stage shows have been featured at numerous universities and on national television. His unique close-up show called “Wine & Tricks” sells out regularly at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills and is in its third successful year. Anthony also produced the six-volume DVD “Black Rabbit Magic Series” which focuses on the repertoires of stellar close-up magicians, with three titles landing on Top 10 lists in 2015. Outside of the magic world, Anthony is a documentary producer and has produced content mainly for horror franchises such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, Psycho and Scream.