Doc Dixon LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Doc Dixon LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Doc Dixon

"Doc is one of the truly great working magicians. He is inspiring on every level."-Joshua Jay
"I have come to realize that he is a talented magician, comedian, writer and all-around great thinker."-Peter Duffie
"Some people are born to greatness, others have to buy some. Frankly, I don't know how he can sell greatness for a mere 30 bucks."-Steve Beam
"Doc Dixon is either in your face or warming your heart with his magic. He is a seasoned experienced professional entertainer. I have always enjoyed his clever whimsical style of magic. You will too."-Steven Hart

What will he teach?

Double Duty
A baffling mindreading effect! Without any fishing or equivoque, the magician reveals the names of a reversed card in the pack and a freely chosen card.

Memory Aces
The magician cuts off four piles of approximately ten cards each. The bottom card of each packet is shown (an indifferent card) and tabled. The packets are cleanly turned over. Each now has an ace on the bottom.

JHD Sandwich
Everything you wanted a sandwich routine to be.

Dixon’s Card Across
10 cards are counted into each of the magician’s hands. Cards travel from one pile of cards to the other in the cleanest possible manner.

Shoes Over The Head
Finally! A climax and something different for Slydini’s Paper Balls Over The Head.

A book test and card trick combined.

Pinky Shift (EFM)
A signed selected cards repeatedly appears at a number called for by the spectator.

Cards & Cash (EFM)
A signed bill transposes with a folded playing card that was in a coin purse.

Ship In The Night (EFM)
Signed cards to pockets like you have never seen before.

Heart Transplant
Hearts are plucked from one card and put on another. Spectator seated at table.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Spectator “accidentally” chooses the guarantee card in the deck. Performer asks them to choose any words on the card and he divines it.

Prudish Nudist
When you see this routine, you will never leave home with your Mental Photography deck again.

Tantalizer Lives
Spectator has a chance to win cash if his selected cards ends up in his hand as the cards are dealt between the magician and spectator.

In The Deck
An ambitious card routine with a kicker you will never see coming.

Snack Food
Signed bottle of beer vanishes and reappears inside sealed can of Pringles.

Bottle Sock
Beer bottle vanishes from bag and bag is actually empty at end.

A card transpo using staples and stickers

Cover Your Bottom
A super clever aces dealt from shuffled deck like you’ve never seen before.

And more...

Who is he?

Doc Dixon is a full-time, professional magician who has performed at resorts, corporate events and comedy clubs for more than 25 years!

He has written several books on magic and comedy, and has created a ton of effects that feature his hilarious style and ingenious thinking.

Doc has performed for celebrities, twice at the White House, and numerous times on TV.

Doc Dixon is really one of the greatest workers of all time and hilarious to watch.

We like to think of him as a Madman with a Method. This is a lecture that you're sure to learn a lot from.