Zodino by Andreas Dante

Zodino by Andreas Dante

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Zodino by Andreas Dante

(Instant Download)Reveal anyone's zodiac sign, birth-date and birth-year without writing anything down and virtually nothing being said!

Imagine you meet a stranger and within a few minute you know her zodiac sign, Chinese zodiac sign, exact birth-date and birth year, without writing anything down. That's Zodino.

It's super easy: You don't need to learn new skills. Forget about progressive anagrams or lip reading. The gimmicks do all the hard work for you.
And they pack as small as a few business cards for the street performance and can fill stadium screens if you perform on bigger stages. All gimmicks are provided as PDF-files and are easily assembled using simple household items.

What's great:
- Your participant just needs to focus her mind using the provided gimmicks. It's that simple for her.
- No complex mathematics
- No branching anagrams or speech techniques
- No stooges or fishing
- No sleight of hands
- No new skill to learn
- No set-up required
- Instant reset
- Works fully surrounded (100% angle proof)
- Works for multiple people in the same group
- Gimmicks are openly handled by participants
- Suitable even for beginners in mentalism

The secret is deeply engineered into the gimmick. So, don't worry about participants' inspection. The participants even hold the gimmicks in their hands during the performance.

Gimmicks are provided in 8 world languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, since zodiac signs have different names in different countries.

PROFESSIONALS: This is a field tested multi-phase routine with the killer ending of revealing the exact bith-date including the year. What's more personal and touching than the revelation of your exact birth-date?

What's included:
1) Routine to reveal the birth season, astrological element and zodiac sign
2) Routine to reveal the week day of her last birthday
3) Routine to reveal her Chinese zodiac sign
4) Routine to reveal her exact birth-date including the year
5) A special cold reading primer for zodiac signs
6) Extension showing how to reveal a freely chosen playing card that the participant merely thought of
7) Extensions of the principle to make revelations regarding any topic
8) Many real-life performances with random people
9) Tools for street, parlor, stage and mega stage
10) Gimmick templates for easy and fast assembly using simple household items
11) Tools to make the gimmicks look like your individual business cards to be handed out after the performance.

Overview of explanation video and playing times:
1) Introduction (5 mins)
2) Revelation of secret (20 mins)
3) Making the gimmicks (street/parlor/stage) (40 mins)
4) Detailed Explanations (15 mins)
5) Fail-safe methods (10 mins)
6) Routine variations (10 mins)
7) Bonus effects (25 mins)
8) Real-life performances (40 mins)

The included performances videos will show you that the innovations behind Zodino do work in real-life situations.