Triple Helix by Snake & John Byng (MP4 Video Download)

Triple Helix by Snake & John Byng (MP4 Video Download)

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Snake & John Byng - Triple Helix (Gimmick not included)

This is arguably one of the best deck productions ever made. Make a deck of cards visually appear out of thin air with Triple Helix. Since being teased at Blackpool 2020, magicians have been BEGGING for its release. And, now, it’s FINALLY here!

Brought to you by the incredibly creative John Byng and Snake, Triple Helix is pure magic. In the blink of an eye, you can make a second deck of cards pop into view. This visual masterpiece will have your audiences speechless.

Stop what you’re doing. Scroll back and watch the trailer before you go any further. That same incredible feeling you have while watching it is the same one your spectators will have every time.

Here’s the best part, it looks just as good in real-life performances as it does on Instagram, TikTok or Omegle. It also resets in seconds. You can, and will, use Triple Helix in your close-up magic performances.