Trickshop Kickback Card Tricks (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Trickshop Kickback Card Tricks (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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A collection of three jaw dropping, yet easy to perform card tricks where the selected card is discovered to have a different color back. All use just ordinary cards. No double backers or other gaffs required. Effects include:

All Clear Card Transposition
A spectator counts down to a number he is thinking of, notes a card, and then, reassembles and cuts the deck. The deck is now ribbon spread and the spectator is amazed to see his card is the only one face up. For the impossible kicker, you ask him to turn the card over and it now has a different color back!

Now That's Impossible!
A spectator selects any card from a small packet to discover his is the only one with a different color back.

Red and Blue Enigma Revisited
Duplicate an effect that the brilliant sleight of hand artist, Mohammed Bey (S. Leo Horowitz), used to confound a gathering of prominent magicians. A selected card from a blue deck is found reversed in a red deck. For a double kicker, the reversed card in the red deck has a blue back and the selected card in the blue deck has a red back! Powerful, yet easy to perform. Plus, you end clean!

6 pages, photo-illustrated.