Trickshop Collins' Card Conceits (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Trickshop Collins' Card Conceits (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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Brilliant card magic is timeless. Perhaps that's why a growing number of contemporary card workers are rediscovering the exceptional card magic of English great, Stanley Collins. Effects in "Collins' Card Conceits" include: The Homing Aces - a beautifully-constructed and visual ace assembly that uses just four cards and two (ungimmicked) pieces of cardboard; The "T-Square" Colour Change - a subtle, yet convincing card change that requires no palming; and The Comedy of Errors - a Collin's favorite and commercial gem, where the magician "misses" several times while attempting to locate the spectator's card, only to have the indifferent cards change into the spectator's card and back again. Ultimately, a card placed in the performer's pocket at the beginning of the trick is discovered to be the chosen one. No extra cards or gaffs and Collins even gives you a handling for both standard and jumbo cards! Plus, All Fours, A.J.A.X. 2 & 3, Red and Blue (Jumbo Ace Transpo), and more. 20 pages with over a dozen illustrations, plus this quality edition has been completely re-typeset and re-formatted. If you appreciate beautiful card magic, this book deserves a place in your electronic library.