The Manga Book Test by Michael O'Brien (Full Download)

The Manga Book Test by Michael O'Brien (Full Download)

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Manga Book Test by Michael O'Brien

PDF + Videos Full Download

no books included , only instructions download 

Divine any word using these powerful mind reading methods. Michael O’Brien is proud to introduce Manga Book Test, an incredibly fun and powerful mentalism tool that capitalizes on the unique benefits of Japanese graphic novels and comic books known as Manga.

Whether you’re a fan of Anime, Pokémon or any other Manga, this book test has it all. It is 100% impromptu and can be used with ANY book at ANY time. That’s right, if Manga isn’t your thing, you can customize the Manga Book Test to work with any book on your shelf.

With the Manga Book Test, Michael has devised a compilation of methods that will unlock your inner creativity and allow you to infuse a delightfully fun and enjoyable routine into your act.

You’ll Receive:

  • Manga Book Test book filled with 7+ devious methods and a full-length mentalism routine
  • Bonus ideas using other book tests
  • Video tutorials and bonus content
  • Access to the Manga Book Test Private Page which will be regularly updated with fresh ideas and content

"Michael has continued to impress me with his original performance ideas and this one is perhaps one of his best yet! Want something creative to add to your act? Buy this!"Cody Fisher

"This is such an original presentation. So many other Book Tests focus on different methods, but Michael has really worked hard to create a totally unique format as well."Jeremy Griffith

"Michael O'Brien has brought the classic book test plot into a shiny new era, and I'll be the first one to jump aboard the hype train. His methods are clean and efficient - the Manga Book Test is no different."Eric Stevens

NOTE: You are purchasing a book filled with methods, routines and access to bonus videos. The book itself is not a self-contained book test.