The BAM Collection Complete by Bill Abbott (Videos + PDFs Full Download)

The BAM Collection Complete by Bill Abbott (Videos + PDFs Full Download)

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Bill Abbott - The BAM Collection (Videos+PDF)

Unreleased. Unpublished. Unheard of. The BAM Collection Complete.

The BAM collection is a treasure trove of previously unreleased creations that Bill has only previously been ‘gifted’ to a very select group of performers. Get the complete up-to-date collection of all 15 commercial workers instantly downloadable in PDF format.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own these truly secret effects Bill has used in countless paid performances.  Routines for stand-up, close-up, kids & adults, magic & mentalism for every venue and audience.  The BAM Collection contains some of the best (and most recent!) performance pieces Bill has created.



The Big Theme Revelation

The Big Theme is an amazing mind reading routine with an audio prediction revelation that you will have your audience laughing in amazement! No special apps, impression devices, centre tears, etc. As long as you have you phone with you, you can perform this one-on-on in a coffee shop or on stage at a paid show.  From a list of the American Film Institutes top  100 movies a participant thinks of a random movie. A prediction that you wrote before their selection reveals your actual phone number. The spectator phones your number and the main soundtrack from the movie their thinking of begins playing as the ringtone on your phone!

Instantly repeat the effect for the same audience and with a different spectator to reveal a completely different movie/theme! Ready to perform at any moment.



The Brain Food Effect

Someone asks you to show them a trick. You explain what they’re going to experience is not so much a ‘trick’ as a test to see if you can connect with them on a non-verbal level. Brainfood is a killer mind reading/design duplication routine that you have with you 24/7 and can perform for people one-on-on in a coffee shop, at casual social events or on stage at a paid show.  

It fits in a wallet and rocks them anytime – anywhere. No impression devices, peeks, tears, pre-show, billets, or special wallets needed.



Cellular Telepathy

Although Cellular Telepathy is ideal for smaller corporate audiences and house parties, a few months ago I performed this for 800 college students with video support. When performed correctly Cellular Telepathy is the routine your audience will talk about days, weeks, months and years afterwards. 

Get the complete Cellular Telepathy routine Bill has been closing shows with for the past several years.  Imagine an Invisible Deck routine with the perfect handling, routine and method that will even fool the magicians in the audience.  A killer that you could close your show with.  Seriously.  Just use your own Invisible Deck.  



The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The Good The Bad & The Ugly features a psychic duel between the magician and an audience member.  Magician pockets two cards from a deck and then spectator cleanly cuts the deck and places the top two cards in separate pockets.  A third card is put under their foot.  The magician and spectator’s pocketed cards are removed and revealed to be mates! The spectator then lifts their foot and reveals the mystery card.  The magician lifts his own foot and reveals…nothing.  He then removes his shoe, turns it upside down and out falls…nothing.  Finally, with great reluctance the performer removes the sock from his foot, reaches in and finds a mystery (ie. smelly) card folded in the toe of the sock.  A card that may have been placed there moments, hours possibly weeks before!  Both the spectators and the magician’s cards are revealed to be…a match of course!

This is a trick Bill has literally floored audiences with at smaller corporate events, house parties and on the fly at lectures/conventions. Use it up close and personal or on stage in front of hundreds!



Impossible Killer

The beauty of the Impossible Killer is that you can use any deck of cards no matter how worn or how many cards are missing from the pack. It’s the kind of effect that you can perform as a house guest at a friends home, or when you’ve been called to perform something and you’re unprepared but there is a deck available or close by. Bill has performed this in many environments and with every kind of borrowed deck. It’s in the miracle class and has several layers of deception making it impossible for your audience to figure out. Even if your audience is full of magicians!



Invisible Coercion

When Bill was developing his corporate stand-up act he needed compact, commercial material that was easy to understand and that would play for large audiences of up to 400 people. Over the past decade Bill have performed dozens of effects to find the perfect balance of function, effect and impact.  Invisible Coercion hits all the right notes and really has a strong impact. Based on “Clip Line” created by Jack Yates, Invisible Coercion is one of the most direct mentalism/prediction routines Bill performs for lay audiences.  Unlike typical ‘mental’ pieces this one is straight forward, direct, hard hitting and impossible.



The Invisible Dictionary

The Invisible Dictionary is a theatrical, commercial and fun way of revealing a spectator’s thought of word. If you have an aversion to ‘heavy’ mentalism but enjoy the intimate power that the ‘magic of the mind’ can deliver – than the Invisible Dictionary will be perfect for you. The organic method uses no impression devices, centre tears, billet maneuvers or elaborate procedures. Bill has performed this at paid gigs and in more relaxed coffee shop settings, one-on-one and in front of small groups.  The permanent set-up takes a minute or two to construct, but will last for thousands of performances and uses nothing more than a small stack of your own business cards and a pen, pencil or Sharpie marker.



No Stranger To A Bottle 

A killer mental magic routine with a giveaway for a VIP audience member they will remember forever and a kicker finish they will not see coming!  This stand-up routine was inspired by a Wayne Dobson creation. As with many of Wayne’s routines Bottle Opener has an emphasis on simplicity and commercial impact. Bill has added another layer of mystery – and a killer giveaway that the receiving party will remember for years to come. Bill has personally performed this successfully at private parties and events where there is a specific person being feted or celebrated. This is great give away or gift to a special client or CEO at a performance.

Looking for a great way to use your Norm Nielsen vanishing wine/champagne bottle?  With “No Stranger To A Bottle” you will now have the ONLY way to use it.   



The Game

Bill developed this routine when he was working as the in-house magician at a couple restaurants in Toronto. This became a fixture in my close-up case for kids – a go-to routine for a birthday child that can play just as well close-up, cabaret & stage.  It is a prediction effect with a surprise finish that leaves the participant with a small toy to take home with them. It’s a great way to interact with everyone and to improvise with the reactions that the participant has towards the potential prizes. It makes for good fun and helps to break down the fourth wall between you and your audience. Plus this routine could be adapted to be used in a stand up or larger family show environment!



The Future

The Future is a large-scale themed presentation for Simon Aronson’s Shuffle-Bored effect in which you essentially write a small book for the audience on what you think the future holds for them. 

You can perform this at house parties, formal close-up events and in my experience for audiences up to around 100 people. It’s entirely baffling, a great closer and difficult to follow with anything else. The Future is just that strong. Included is the complete script and detailed construction of the mega-prediction. Use any deck of cards.



Psychic Connection

A spectator uses a special ‘psychic key’ to unlock their psychic abilities. A playing card is freely selected sight unseen. The spectator then randomly cuts the deck into three piles. The top card of each pile identifies the color, suit and value of the selected card. For an eerie surprise ending the three digit number created by the cut to cards is found engraved on the fob of the ‘Psychic key’.

Anthony Lindan’s creation can be performed up close and personal or for a larger audience with tremendous success.  There’s dual climax ending with a surprise revelation that always gets a great response as it pulls the rug  out from the audience at the very last minute. The one-time set-up of the key fob is something you will always have with you (on your keyring) to perform 24/7. Use any deck of playing cards.



The Edible Deck

The one-card-in-your-wallet-the-spectator-names plot is one that Bill has been obsessed with for years. The combination of elimination sequences and the multiple outs make this one of the strongest routines of this type in existence. Do the one time set-up, place it in your wallet and you’re ready to perform it anytime, anywhere for anyone.



Worlds Fastest Card Trick

Inspired by Eugene Burger’s ingenious concept, Bill came up with The World’s Fastest Card Trick to create interest, perform an impressive effect and to switch a deck of cards, that had been previously inspected and shuffled by an audience member, for a gaffed/stacked deck.

The Effect: You hand the spectator a deck to inspect and shuffle. They choose a card and shuffle it back into the deck themselves. You hand them the card box to place the deck into and two thick elastic bands to wrap around the card case to seal the deck inside. The card case is placed into your empty jacket pocket. Instantly you reach into your pocket and pull out their selected card! You then pull out the deck, in its case, still sealed with the elastic bands.

This is a killer close-up/parlor effect that ends with a complete deck switch ready for whatever you now need a new deck for!



Wonder Bar

Perfect for performers with a home bar or who work their magic at restaurants, clubs or bars. Wonder Bar is an incredible mind reading routine with a delicious prediction revelation! This trick concludes with the participant left with their thought of drink to enjoy along with the lingering mystery!  From a list of 100 cocktails/drinks a participant thinks of a random one. A prediction tube that’s been sitting on the bar – untouched-  is lifted to reveal the exact drink they selected! The drink is prepared and chilled to perfection – ready for the spectator to enjoy!



Weird Ass Psychic Power

A brilliant method combined with an over-the-top presentation make this routine one of the most memorable pieces Bill has ever created. Is it a secret alien power? Is it heightened sensitivity? Is it mind reading? Weird Ass Psychic Power is fun, funny and deceptive. It can play for a small house party crowd or in front of a large audience in a  banquet hall. By utilizing Barry Richardson’s fantastic number revelation from his book Theatre of the Mind you can involve many spectators and make it play huge!

This devious serial number divination from a borrowed bank note is mind blowing, fun and can sit in your wallet ready to perform at a moments notice.