Text the Future by Ebby Tones (MP4 Video Download)

Text the Future by Ebby Tones (MP4 Video Download)

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EbbyTones - Text the Future

This is very very cool method of mentalism!

This method really fits in the present era and for modern mentalist.

Believe me!

Just imagine with your own cell phone, you can play mentalism wherever you want.

The method is really practical and effective and you can predict whatever you want with the stuff on around you

  • With one prediction
  • NO forcing
  • NO compromise
  • NO voice command
  • Or complicated settings
  • And even the cellphone can be checked by the audience to prove we only have one prediction.

With this method you will not bother making complicated and long preparations when you want to perform

Just with the only cell phone you have that you will be your secret weapon with easy preparation, easy to do and a really clean ending because on a cellphone really only one prediction.

You will definitely like it and you must learn this now!