Ted Karmilovich - The Mother Of All Book Tests (PDF Instructions + novel file)

Ted Karmilovich - The Mother Of All Book Tests (PDF Instructions + novel file)

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Ted Karmilovich - The Mother Of All Book Tests

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Everything you've heard is true. TheMother Of All Book Testsis the greatest book test ever!

We are pleased to announce the release of Ted Karmilovich's long-anticipatedMother Of All Book Tests, the most talked-about book test of all time. It is the mentalist's dream come true for accomplishing this classic effect. It has proven to he ideal under every type of working condition.

Imagine this: A spectator is invited to take a readable and 100% examinable, 400 page, 160,000 word novel, open it toany pageand think ofany wordon that page. Without touching the book or approaching the spectator, youreveal the wordin the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly must be seen to be believed.

Theultimateany-word-on-any-page method that makes all other book tests obsolete.

Mother Of All Book Testsis simple to perform, direct and powerful.

Mother Of All Book Testscan be done close-up or on stage; on radio or TV. It can be performed any time, anywhere; and it is instantly repeatable. All pages are different. Nothing is written down. There are no stooges of any kind. Everything may be examined. No breaks; no glimpses; no forces; no prompters; no preparation; no angles; no peeks; no sleights; no anagrams; no gimmicks; no short pages; no counting; no skill required. Wow!

The list of people writing praises for theMother Of All Book Testsis as long as your arm!

Roy Miller, Editor of Vibrations, says 'Throw away your Key. This is direct mindreading at its best."

Ken Weber, award winning Mentalist/Hypnotist says, "After twenty years on the college circuit, my ESP/Hypnosis show is now hypnosis and one ESP effect - theMother Of All Book Tests"

A true reputation maker. A limited number of these books have been printed. The next step is up to you. The Holy Grail of book tests can finally be yours. Worth thousands to the working professional.
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