Steve Reynolds - Lessons in Card Magic - Alakazam Online Magic Academy (MP4 Video Download)

Steve Reynolds - Lessons in Card Magic - Alakazam Online Magic Academy (MP4 Video Download)

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Steve Reynolds – Lessons in Card Magic – Alakazam Online Magic Academy

Download this card magic lesson today (run time 4 hours)

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“Steve Reynolds is one of the most creative and knowledgeable Cardician’s I know.” – Bill Malone

In his first Alakazam Academy the amazing Steve Reynolds shares select secrets that have helped him firmly establish himself as one of the worlds premier sleight of hand entertainers. Steve has managed to integrate the psychology of the audience into the methodology of his magic.  Moreover, Steve believes that a lot of magicians treat technique as the effect.  In Steve’s opinion, the technique is there to service the effect.

Steve realized early that he wasn’t going to be able to learn everything. Bro John Hamman became a mentor to him as a young person and Steve feels strongly that he wants to continue what his predecessors originated.  He wants to share that material with as many people as possible.

This promises to be an amazing academy from one of the leading leading forces in the world of magic today.

Playing Heavy

The magician demonstrates a way of cheating by adding extra cards to his poker hand. The five cards are spread widely to show only FIVE cards as the magician adds, “But, doesn’t that look like five?” This is called “Playing Heavy.” A five-card poker hand changes to a Full House, then Five Aces, and finally a Royal Flush.

Intermediate and Advanced Skills  

Push-Through Poker  

A Topsy-Turvy Poker deal is demonstrated with a few magic moments along the way. This is a no-sleight of hand version of a classic effect. Both the performer and spectator deal cards for a fast-paced and fun cheating demonstration. Quick reset.

Beginner and Intermediate Skills  

Daylight Visitor  

A selected card jumps back and forth between two pairs of Kings. This version of Larry Jennings’ Visitor uses no deck and is a master class in subtlety.

Beginner Skills  

Technicolor Find  

A card from a blue deck is selected and cut into the deck. A pair of red-backed cards are inserted into two separate parts of the deck and magically move to trap the selected card. This is startling magic that is done with two borrowed decks.

Intermediate Skills  

Bluff Ambidextrous Travelers  

Steve teaches the importance of practicing the basics. The four Aces are signed and lost in the deck. The deck is manipulated in different ways to find each Ace. They are set aside until all four are found. The Aces are then placed back into the deck. This time, with the most natural set of actions and no apparent sleight of hand, both hands are shown empty. The four signed Aces are removed from four separate pockets.

Beginner and Intermediate Skills

Mini Matching Miracle  

A full deck matching routine. The spectator finds the only matching pair in the deck. This pair is used to magically match the entire deck with a few surprises along the way.

Beginner Skills.  

Monkey In the Box  

A signed card appears in the card box. A simple effect with a devious method.

Beginner Skills

Keys to the Riffle Shuffle

Steve shares the fundamentals of card technique through examples from Ed Marlo’s work and his own Beyond the Z book.

You’ll also get tips on spotting the weak spots in technique and how to fix them.

No Skills Required