Speed Vanish by Luiz Castro (MP4 Video Download)

Speed Vanish by Luiz Castro (MP4 Video Download)

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Luiz Castro - Speed Vanish
Hold a coin in your fingertips, and with no fast move at all, make it vanish. The Speed Vanish is a Move I discovered back in 2008. Never really shared much work on it, ( only in a few places) and I feel its time. What I give you its a few different ways of doing the move, with the least hand movement, best angles so its not a camera or a one on one trick only. Although it may seem like the angles are one on one base, with the methods i give you have way more room to play with. With different ditch methods, and tricks you get a move that will surprise and fool a lot of people, without telling them not to move so you get your angles right.
Use it and have fun with it.
Credits: goes to Kainoa Harbottle, Curtis Kam, Reed McClintock, Miguel A. Gea, Eric Jones.