Something From Nothing by Luke Jermay (PDF Download)

Something From Nothing by Luke Jermay (PDF Download)

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Something From Nothing By Luke Jermay
This is an exclusive PDF instant download that is not available anywhere else.

"Something From Nothing" is Jermay’s original professional handling of the classic ‘thought projection’ demonstration utilising psychological forces. It featured in his theatre show that toured the UK in 2018 and was met with wide acclaim from both performers and audiences alike.

It features two brand new original psychological forces that have never seen print anywhere else as well as a fully detailed professional script complete with theatrical stage direction that transforms this simple demonstration into a fully formed piece of compelling and sophisticated mystery entertainment.

The routine is taught inside in-depth teaching that incorporates additional philosophy and performance theory that can have wide reaching application beyond this isolated demonstration. The routine is suitable for theatrical performance, parlour settings, cabaret shows and corporate demonstrations and runs between 10 and 12 minutes making it an ideal opening routine to engage an audience and hook them with intrigue and engagement for the rest of your show.

This exhaustive instructional package comprises of an instant download PDF manuscript (4,400 words) as well as a supporting script document. Full performance rights for all settings, including T.V and all forms of video media are granted with purchase worldwide without any restriction. Put in simple terms owners of an original download can use this demonstration however they wish!

Jermay comments on this routine:

“So often the ‘thought projection’ routine is nothing more than a ‘throw away mind game’ for an audience. After all, most people will have received an email from an annoying friend asking them to think of a vegetable and scroll down! This routine is much, much more than a ‘throw away bit of business.’ It is a fully realised theatrical experience. "Something From Nothing" offers the modern mentalist a highly engaging, theatrical staging for a classic time tested premise that elevates it to new heights. Best of all it is free from difficult technique and allows the performer to enjoy the a sense of freedom in performance which I my experience increases the connection and impact the routine creates with the audience.”

"Something From Nothing" gives the modern performer the kind of theatrically compelling professional performance piece that audiences will find mysterious, engaging and talk about long after the show. It is a demonstration of just how much you can get from very little. It really is "Something From Nothing".