Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 3-10 By Steve Beam (PDF ebooks Download)

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 3-10 By Steve Beam (PDF ebooks Download)

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Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks vols 3-10


Calling on his 15 years editing the underground sleight of hand journal The Trapdoor, Steve Beam seamlessly blends diabolical methods with humorous presentations proving that it is possible to captivate an audience with easy to master card tricks.

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks is Steve Beam's definition of easy card magic. A little sleight of hand is sprinkled with clever structure, mathematical principles and amusing presentations are combined to make some easy, but clever card magic. The books are unique in that they appeal just as much to the card expert as they do to the magic newcomer.

This is high-octane, low-fat, innovative card magic built from the ground up from one of our favorite creators of card magic. These effects feature the latest in card trick technology incorporating new principles and little-known subtleties. Whether you want to out-magic your fellow magicians or fry the synapses of your lay audiences, this is real magic for the real world ... but with no sleight of hand!

Each book contains over 100 card tricks from the creator and his friends. The tricks range from self working to incredibly easy.

The only question is whether you will read it before or after being fooled and entertained by a trick contained within.

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