Rick Merrill Penguin Live Online Lecture

Rick Merrill Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Rick Merrill Penguin Live Online Lecture

FISM Award-Winning Magic and Comedy.

What will he teach?

Rick’s lecture is filled with his most prized routines and the lecture is a show in itself. At the lecture you’ll learn:

Rick’s Stand-Up Opener– A multiple selection card routine filled with unique and entertaining revelations, original comedy, and great thinking. This is the routine Rick has used to open his stand-up show for more than 10 years. It’s filled with laughs and magical moments… and just wait until you see the method!
Rick’s Close-Up Opener– After cutting his teeth in restaurants for more than 7 years, Rick tips his opening close-up routine along with all his lines and gags. He also explains the psychology behind his patter and why it works for him.
Three Change– A three coin routine where the coins change but do not fly. Visual coin magic.
Royal Cut Flush– An amazing display of card skill without the hours of practice. The method is almost as amazing as the effect!
Coin and Marker– The basis for Rick’s Grand Prix FISM act involves a sharpie marker and a Morgan silver dollar. With these two items, Rick will show you how you can perform mind-blowing magic that’s both visual and entertaining!
Sleeving– Rick shares his work on this useful and secret technique.
Empty Hand Vanish– Learn how to vanish a pen, pencil, or marker – with your sleeves rolled up! Pure sneakiness!
Sharpie to Pencil– One of the most visual pieces of magic in existence! A sharpie morphs into a pencil and then back into a sharpie right in front of your eyes!

Plus Rick will share stories from FISM, his travels abroad, magic competition, and useful thoughts on creating original magic! You’re guaranteed to laugh and have a great time!

Who is he?

Most people know Rick Merrill won the FISMGrand Prixin 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. What many do not know is, in addition to hisGrand Prixwin, Rick also won the rarely-awardedComedy Awardat FISM. Since FISM, Rick has traveled the world with his unique brand of comedy and magic. He’s performed on TV and in more than a dozen countries.

A magician and comedian, Rick Merrill, holds the title ofWorld Champion Close-Up Magic. Crowned in 2006 at theWorld Championships of Magicin Stockholm, Sweden he has since become a featured performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and performed in person and on television in more than a dozen different countries. Most recently, he filmed his first US television appearance on a special for FOX-TV.

It was 2003 when Rick first began to develop the magic act that would eventually take him around the world. By 2004, Rick had won the top prize at national conventions of theInternational Brotherhood of Magiciansand theSociety of American Magicians, the two largest and oldest magic organizations in North America. In addition to 1st Place, Rick brought home awards in Originality and Comedy. The biggest compliment, however, may have been the “People’s Choice” distinction awarded to him at both conventions.

After this national success, Rick prepared to walk onto the international stage. In 2006, Rick represented the United States at theWorld Championships of Magicin Stockholm, Sweden. This event occurs every three years to select the best-of-the-best in the world of magic. When the dust settled, Rick was crownedWorld Champion in Close-Up Magicand became only the 4th American to win this award in the 60 year history of the event.