Punched by Lewis Tranter (video download)

Punched by Lewis Tranter (video download)

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Punched By Lewis Tranter

(Instant Download) A STARTLING illusion. A card with GENUINE HOLES ALL OVER IT, vanishes into the deck to find a freely chosen card. 


If you have been looking for a visual direct piece of magic which is great for close up and walk around then we suggest you learn Punched by Lewis Tranter.

Punched is the first release from the creative mind of Lewis Tranter. With this effect you will be able to visually vanish a card which has been hole punched multiple times! The audience see the exact moment that the card vanishes and melts down through the deck to locate the spectators signed selection.

Punched really does tick all the boxes for the close up performer:
- The card can be freely selected and signed.
- The gimmick takes a couple of minutes to make up.
- Instantly resets for the next table.
- simple to learn and easy to use.

By adding a punched gimmick to your pack of cards you are set to astound with this eye popping piece of magic.