Perplexities by Peter Duffie (PDF Download)

Perplexities by Peter Duffie (PDF Download)

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Perplexities by Peter Duffie

Peter Duffie - Perplexities


Automatic Aces
You shuffle a deck and then give it a spectator, who now carries out a series of random actions that result in him locating all four Aces.

Your invisible helpers become visible and then find a chosen card along with all the other cards of the opposite colour!

You remove the four Jacks. A Card is selected and returned to the deck. The deck is cut into two halves – one remains on the table. The four Jacks are placed face up on the table half and cut into the middle. One by one the Jacks leave the tabled half and appear face up in the half in your hands. However, the fourth Jack refuses to travel. But you realise what has happened. You spread the tabled half and the Jack is still there, face up. The card immediately above it proves to be the selection.

Hellish Prequel
You give a spectator an Ace, Two, and Three of any suit, while you hold the two black Jacks. In an instant, the two packets change places.

Hellraiser 1-2-3
A rapid-fire elevator routine where an Ace, Two, Three magically penetrate two black Jacks, then do so once more at a blistering pace.

Missing Diamonds
The effect is Alex Elmsley’s “Diamond Cut Diamond