Penguin Live Online Lecture - Mark Leveridge

Penguin Live Online Lecture - Mark Leveridge

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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Mark Leveridge

Five Aspects of Close Up Magic that you won't want to miss!

“Mark Leveridge is extremely creative and really knows from years of experience whatworks. Working magician, author, creator, dealer, and publisher—this will be a lecture not to miss!”- John Bannon

“There's a very simple reason I buy from Mark Leveridge Magic: ALL his stuff really WORKS! Recommended.”- Paul Daniels

“Rarely there comes a creator of magic whose performances are as brilliant as his creations. My friend Mark Leveridge is such a magician.”- Dan Garrett

“I have always been a great admirer of Mark's magic and thinking. In fact when I was doing pro close-up a couple of my strongest routines were learnt from Mark's books. He is terrific.”- Andy Nyman

What will he teach?

"The Five Aspects Of Close Up"

Mark will discuss five main situations that close-up is used in:

Walkabout(where all audience members are standing),

Table hopping(working at large dinner function tables),

Restaurant(entertaining at small tables in restaurants and hotel dining rooms),

Formal close-up show(one off set piece magic on a close up pad),

Trade show(using close up to promote companies).

For each of the five sections, Mark will be presenting and explaining at least three suitable effects including:

The Reds And The Blacks– a neat and effective combination of the Submarine Card and Oil And Water

Reality Check– killer coin routine for walkabout work with a stunning finish

Assembly Point– a cool coin matrix with a difference

Parade Of The Kings Remixed– a clever re-working of the classic card prediction effect that is smooth and convincing

Mindreading Teddy- a great example of how you can take a random object and devise a memorable routine with it

Co-inci-mental– an up-in-hands commercial colour changing deck routine which is fast and to the point