Pablo Amira - Impromptu Colorful Prediction PDF

Pablo Amira - Impromptu Colorful Prediction PDF

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Impromptu and Colorful Prediction by Pablo Amira and Titanas

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Are you able to know beforehand the outcome of random events or influence on them? 

If you wanna learn new existing ways to create precognition experiences, this Book is for you. 

Effects that are tested in the real world and probed as effective and meaningful. 


First Experience in Precognition
Impromptu Prediction: Predict thoughts in any situation.
Give meaningful moments of mystery and visualizations. 

C.C.C. : A theory about performances. 

Second Experience in Precognition
Colorful Prediction:
3 Colored Envelopes
2 participants 
1 moment of mystery and laughs.
A minimalistic approach to the classic "Technicolor Prediction". 

More ideas section added to "I&CP". 

New presentations, subtleties and ideas from other performers and more fun! 

More than 50 pages with ideas for you 

Bonus: Gerard Grey, a great mentalist and thinker from the UK, came up with a cool idea based in "Colorful Prediction" 


"Pablo's version of "Technicolor Prediction" is simply fantastic. If you are looking for strong workable mentalism that has been tried and tested in the real world, then look no further!. You will not be disappointed."
- Michael Murray - Performer and Celebrity 

"Just the Cap Subtlety worth the price of the book"
- Mauricio Jaramillo- One of the best southamerican Mentalist "I'm afraid that Pablo's idea will be THE solution for the classic effect. I will exclusively use from now on."
- Stefan O. - Mentalist and author of "Lost Luggage" Act 

"Pablo weaves an elegant tapestry of technique and progressive thinking into his routines. All this he does with an eye toward, and acknowledgment of, the deep rich past we all stand upon. Kudos, Pablo!" 
- Tom Cutts-Mentalist and Wine Fan 

"I would have paid much much MORE for this. This is not good, is GOLD!!!! Great job!!!" 
- Mike Kempner-Mentalist with a lot of "Insights". 

"That is a point that I enjoyed by reading all of your Books so far. You put a lot of word and thoughts into the verbal section and that I really like!". 
- Dominik Parth- German Mentalist and Creator. 

"Very well done. Looks very professional. Nice effects and interesting reading. As a newbie to mentalism I am looking around to see what the good sources are. Pablo Amirá has a nice easy way and above all a clear way of telling. I love it and I will put Pablo Amirá on my list of favorite mentalism thinkers". 
- Robert Blake- THE Cowboy and an "Amirálist" 

"This Book isn't only about 2 effects, its about all the thinking behind every word and every move. Teaches us how we should think about all the different layers that transform a simple trick into a real mystery." 
- Joaquin Gasa- Spanish Mentalist