Once Removed by Michael Murray & Stephen Shaw PDF

Once Removed by Michael Murray & Stephen Shaw PDF

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Michael Murray & Stephen Shaw - Once Removed

Once Removed by Michael Murray & Steve Shaw (Instant Download)A devastating method for revealing a card merely thought of!

“Once Removed” is a fascinating take on the “think-a-card” plot, a subject that absolutely fascinates the authors.

You will be taught a method for revealing a mere thought of card in an extremely fair manner. There are no peeks or forces, and the deck can be given away after the performance if you so wish.

This 16 page manuscript details not only the effect in full, but the preferred handling of each of the authors. Suitable for both close-up and stage, Once Removed has been used extensively by the authors, who have finally decided to tip this work after fooling magicians and layfolk alike for quite some time.

“Once Removed” utilises a full-deck stack to ascertain a thought of card. Unlike some think-a-card plots, the stack does not limit their choice to a bank of cards, but is rather utilised to ascertain the exact thought of card. Two distinctly different stacks are taught, neither of which need to be committed to memory, along with the methodology for building your own stack should you wish.

This 16 page pdf is available for you to download immediately after you purchase.

Not only that, but by purchasing “Once Removed” you will be given direct access to both of the authors, who will answer any questions you may have, and be on hand to provide full product support if at all necessary.

Praise for “Once Removed”

“After being in this business for so many years, I can pretty much tell when I see something that is just a pipe dream or when it has been well thought out, over a long period of time and actually used. Once Removed is the latter. The manuscript clearly shows a lot of work and love has gone into this effect.

Once Removed is a very clever way of learning a thought of card. Stephen Shaw and Michael Murray have compiled their ideas on the process giving the reader a number of options in how to perform this effect. My favorite is the very last one in the book.

The nucleus of Once Removed comes from the original Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick, but the effect is quite different. A person simply looks through the deck to spot a thought-of card, then its mate, and you know the cards! There is a bit of questioning, but even here Steve and Mike have made it all make sense so that it’s not apparent. I like the book because it gives you so many options.

This concept will require a bit of work on your part to understand, but it is well worth learning. If you are into clever new ideas, get this.”- Richard Osterlind: May, 2013