Millard Longman - Acidus Globus Billets (video download)

Millard Longman - Acidus Globus Billets (video download)

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Acidus Globus Billets by Millard Longman

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From the innovative mind that brought you ACIDUS NOVUS, the classic billet peek that is used by working professionals the world over, comes ACIDUS GLOBUS. And, like its legendary predecessor, ACIDUS GLOBUS is simplicity itself.

Why is ACIDUS GLOBUS considered to be the "Holy Grail" of billet peeks? Because it's a full billet peek, With no restrictions on where the writing is placed on the billet, that's why!

Here are some of the features of this breakthrough billet method:

? Easy to do

? Natural movements

? No palming

? No switching

? No tearing

? No dummy billets

This is what professional mentalists and readers have been waiting for - a totally natural billet technique that can be used for stage or close-up, impromptu or prepared.

"Why should I write in the center of the little piece of paper?"

That question will never come up again. No longer will you have to make sure your audience members write in the center of a billet, or in any particular corner, either. They can literally write their thought anywhere on the billet, fold it up, hand it to you and in a moment, you know exactly what's on their mind!

Notice that I said, "they can write their thought anywhere on the billet". That's right, not only can they write anywhere on the billet, you can write as much as they want, too, so you're not limited to a single word or phrase, either, making ACIDUS GLOBUS perfect for both public Q u0026 A presentations and private readings, too.

Granted, you will no longer have to draw circles, crystal balls or TV screens on your billets to make sure the thought is properly positioned ... but I'm sure you'll get used to the complete freedom created by ACIDUS GLOBUS???

THOUGHT READING WITH BILLETS, Volume Two: Acidus Globus comes on a professionally authored and mastered DVD, and contains:

? Complete step-by-step instructions for one- and two- handed peeks

? Four of Millard's routines using ACIDUS GLOBUS

? Five versions of ACIDUS GLOBUS, including Millard's top two favorites

? Two subtle methods to mark the billets

? Millard's Favorite Billet Switch

? What to do when "things go wrong"

? Plus much, much more ...

Reality check, please.

Sounds too good to be true, does not it? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, you should know that while this informative DVD contains almost three hours of Millard's extensively-detailed instructions, it is not going to win any awards for "Best Production Values ??in a Mentalism Video". It was shot with a single digital camcorder placed on a tripod in Millard's living room, which is a far cry from the big production values ??you'll get on a DVD from the likes of L u0026 L.

Having said that, please understand that you will be able to hear every word spoken, and you will be able to see every detail as Millard reveals the inner workings of ACIDUS GLOBUS for you on this extraordinary DVD.

While it's a foregone conclusion that many critics will be tempted to focus on the home video production values, it's not likely the working professional will really care. And here's why ...

Opportunity rings

Imagine that you're at home one day and the phone rings. It's me on the other end, and I say, "Hey, I'm going down to Millard's this week and he's going to show me everything you need to know to perform ACIDUS GLOBUS, His full billet peek. Would you like to come along? "

And you being who you are, say, "Of course!"

"Well, here's the catch," I say "I'm going to be interviewing Millard for the DVD, so I need someone to operate the video camera -? Would you mind doing that".

And you being who you are, say, "Not at all!"

So, everything's all set ... until you realize that a round-trip flight to Florida will set you back a few hundred dollars, not to mention the hotel room, meals, transportation and souvenirs for the family.

"That's OK," I say. "I can always set up the camera on a tripod and just let it roll while Millard and I talk about ACIDUS GLOBUS. Would you want a copy of that video? "

And you being who you are, say, "Of course!"

Because in some ways, having the video is actually better than being there yourself, since you do not have to worry about taking notes or remembering all of the details that go into making ACIDUS GLOBUS the bold thing of beauty that it is.

Here's what some working pros have said about ACIDUS GLOBUS ...

"The bottom line, I am thrilled. This was one of the best purchases I have made in mentalism. The technique is wonderful, the advice solid, and the price entirely too low.

I am fairly satisfied that my search for the billet move of choice is over. Excellent work, give my deepest thanks to Millard. "

~~ Charles Affholter

"I just got mine today and played through the entire DVD this afternoon All I can say right now is WOW -. Millard and Loren have done it again.

Another revolutionary concept which Millard has been keeping to himself until now After seeing it -. I wish he had restricted further its availability.

. Once again he has offered "way too much for way too little" Another thing I can tell you is this is not an update of Acidus Novus -. It has nothing to do with Acidus Novus It is an entirely different concept altogether in billet work. "

~~ Dr. Charles Green

What exactly is "Plus much, much more"?

Well, not only does Millard teach you the ins and outs of ACIDUS GLOBUS (plus all of the things mentioned above), he takes the time to share with you his thoughts on ...

? The history of billet work

? The best strategies for answering questions

? The Professional Reader's Ultimate Out

? The best way to present a blindfold act

? The real secrets to successful billet work

? How to engage your audience and sitters

? And, well ... much, much more!

If you're familiar with Millard's other offerings to the mentalism community, you know that his clear and concise thinking can make the difference between a compelling presentation and something that's just a minor parlor trick.

Please understand that it was not easy convincing Millard to give up his full billet peek after over a decade of private use. I consider myself to be a fairly persuasive person, and it took quite a bit of work on my part to bring this project together. The good news is that once Millard agreed to reveal ACIDUS GLOBUS, He became very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and held absolutely nothing back.