Michael Rubinstein LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Michael Rubinstein LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Michael Rubinstein

“A Superb Artist!”-Dai Vernon

“His work is original, he creates new plots, and his technique is superb. You don't want to miss his lecture.”-David Roth

“A Highly Innovative Coin Worker”-Ken Krenzel

“One of the best coin handlers I've ever seen.“-David Williamson

"Michael Rubinstein is the most understanding teacher when it comes to "LEARNING" coin magic...that I have ever personally met."-Mickey Silver

"I was impressed by Dr. Rubinstein's skill and effects. Especially commercial was the smile face trick and the nest of boxes with the clever signature ruse. The lecture was well attended and at the conclusion Dr. Rubinstein received a standing ovation. Awesome night of great magic."-Levent

“One hell of a Coin Guy”-Tom Gagnon

"I have had both the honor and privilege of calling Mike Rubinstein a friend for over 30 years now. In that time I can honestly say I have seen and learned an amazing amount of great magic from this man! Now you have an opportunity to do the same...Do yourself a favor and do not pass up this chance to see one of the greatest coin guys of our time!!!-Mike Gallo

What will he teach?

Ultimate Silverlint
An updated handling of his spellbound routine that has some new, very clean displays and includes his Wave Change.

The Slide Move
A multi phase sequence including a production, transposition, and vanish of three coins.

Copper Silver Brass
Teaching (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) his NON-GIMMICKED handling of this classic

Retro Fly
Some interesting sequences not found in other three-fly type effects

Coins Through Table
One of Dr. Rubinstein's favorite tricks of all time.

Three Times Coin to Card
A marked coin travels under a business card three times!

He'll show you a walk-around version of his Twilight Zone Wild Coin routine which is a stand-up, in-the-hands, wild coin routine that is easy to perform.

In addition to the many routines, he will discuss the R.O.P.S. technique, and the stealth palm, as well as many coin moves you'll want to add to your repertoire.