Limited Edition Light It Up X by SansMinds (MP4 Video Download)

Limited Edition Light It Up X by SansMinds (MP4 Video Download)

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Limited Edition Light It Up X (Online Instructions) by SansMinds

In 2019, SansMinds Magic brought you "Light it Up"; a self-contained device that allows you to summon a flame at your will. The item was sold out instantly and took the community by storm.

After receiving tremendous feedback from the community, many have asked for the addition of a remote control feature. Due to the limited size available in the zippo style lighter at the time, it was a hard choice between a time delay feature for convenience or a remote feature for precision control. But after a year of hard work, they finally made a break-through.

This is "Light it Up X". SansMinds Magic has redesigned the device to now feature BOTH the self-contained time-delayed function AND the completely hands-free aspect of remote control.

This widens your range of applications and truly puts you in full control of when you want the flame to beautifully form.

Don't worry, you can still trigger the device the exact same way as its predecessor. But you now have the option of precise hands-off control at a distance, and the option of convenience for a simple everyday carry. The new remote function allows you to trigger it instantly and you have the options of a 6 or a 12-second time delay.

On top of all the new features, Light It Up X comes in two brand new colors - Alligator Black and Scarlet Shine.

If you weren't able to hop on it the first time, you can't afford to miss Light It Up X. Get yours now, worldwide.


1. Is it safe?

Answer: Yes, everything is built precisely with ICs to control heat, so it will not over burn on the trigger. Everything is protected in the metal casing to ensure it's 100% safe.

2. I still have refills from before, can I use those?

Answer: Yes, we purposely maintained the refill component the same so you can still use the refill from before.

3. Like all fire products out there, the heating part burns out and wears off fast. Do I need to repurchase the item again if the heating part no longer works at its optimum level?

Answer: The heater coil itself is the only part that needs to be replaced over time. It is also designed to be easily replaced. You won't have to repurchase the entire product after eventual wear from everyday use. Whether you use it as a stand-alone psychic effect or go down the presentation route of making a birthday wish come true, it's a device that truly sparks the imagination with endless possibilities. Get yours NOW while supplies last.

4. What is the range of the remote?

Answer: Anything can happen when the crowd goes wild. For safety reasons, we have set the range to up to 1.5 meters. It is the perfect distance for any performance while keeping an eye on the fire.