Karl Fulves - The Chronicles(1-30)

Karl Fulves - The Chronicles(1-30)

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Karl Fulves - The Chronicles(1-30)
Mike Close was referring to just one of the huge number of effects in this gold mine of interesting and useful material - featuring a very high percentage of non-card material. For over 30 years, Karl Fulves has published some of the greatest journals devoted to close-up ever produced. The Pallbearers Review and Epilogue have been long recognized for their extraordinary quality. Shortly after concluding Pallbearers and Epilogue he announced the birth of a new periodical - The Chronicles. Limited to 36 issues, The Chronicles took from 1978 to 1988 to complete, and during those ten years, some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages. In the 395 pages of The Chronicles can be found exceptional magic with cards, coins, Okito boxes, bills, rope, rings, rubber bands, business cards, even self levitations! Circulation of The Chronicles was extremely limited, and today, files of this journal, when they can be had, go for large sums. Now you can own, use and enjoy this great material, produced in a single hardcover volume in matching format to L & L's editions of Pallbearers and Epilogue.