Juan Thousand Project by Juan Pablo (MP4 Video Download)

Juan Thousand Project by Juan Pablo (MP4 Video Download)

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Juan Pablo - Juan Thousand Project

Juan Pablo presents “Juan thousand project”.

Imagine this. You borrow a bill from a spectator, and without folding the bill or doing any preparation, it instantly changes into a bill of a greater value. The bill is always in sight, and you can immediately give it away for examination!

With this new and super-visual manipulation technique, you can perform five incredible routines: Changing the value of a bill, bill travel, transposing two bills, duplicating bills, and most interestingly; After placing a bill of yours in a wine glass in full view of the audience, you borrow a bill from a spectator. You then can make that borrowed bill vanish and finally, the bill that the magician had left from the beginning inside of the wine glass is magically the spectator’s bill! With this technique, you will have the most visual effect that can occur with a borrowed bill!