Jose Prager - Watch-ing

Jose Prager - Watch-ing

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Jose Prager – Watch-ing

“Jose has created something wonderful here; using a mixture of subtleties to achieve a clean, realiable piece of mentalism that your audience will remember for a long time!” Peter Turner“Jose has melded a neo-classic and classic method and has created a routine which opens the door to manipulating people’s memory about what actually happened (and when). This is a great example of a logical disconnect and a subtle presentation that maximizes the effect of both principles. A worker!” – Sean Waters

“So simple and devious! Jose has taken two common concepts, and blended them into an extremely baffling routine on your spectators mind…both conscious and subconscious! Everything is justified and logical, and looks as clean as you can get!” – Matt Mello

“This is not a pk time routine, this is a mind control routine with a watch, all the structure of the routine shapes a strong skeleton around which Jose has built a strong routine and taken care of every detail, wonderful!” Nefesch

An impromptu demonstration of psychological influence with a borrowed watch! You make two predictions