ID100 by Rick Lax and Diamond Jim Tyler (Instant Download)

ID100 by Rick Lax and Diamond Jim Tyler (Instant Download)

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"My go-to trick. I love this .. " -Rick Lax

Rick Lax is BY FAR, the world's most popular "number trick" performer and this is his #1 favorite number trick.

Rick's so Facebook-famous, he gets recognized all the time now, even at the beach. And naturally, his fans ask him to perform a trick. When they do, he performs "ID 100."

"Propless mentalism" means reading minds using NOTHING. Nothing but your words and your imagination. It's beautiful. You can do it anywhere. At the pool. Even over the phone!!

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: One thing I personally **LOVE** about this trick, is that it uses a) imagination and b) dice, the foundation of role-playing games! Yes, I am an RPG nerd. Specifically, this trick uses two 6-sided dice, as well as one 100-sided die, all of which are used in table-top role playing games like D&D. With the resurgence of table-top gaming, you'll love having a magic trick that combines imagination and dice.

Now, if you're on the fence about "number tricks"...

a) Let me remind you that you're probably performing magic to entertain "the people", and not yourself.

b) Let me assure you that THE PEOPLE LOVE NUMBER TRICKS. All it takes is ONE look at Rick Lax's facebook page for proof. Literally OVER ONE HUNDRED MILLION people have watched and liked his "number trick" videos. And actually they don't just like them, they SHARE them (way stronger). That means they like them SO MUCH, that they want their friends and family to see them too.

What I'm trying to tell you is, "number tricks" are proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt to be entertaining, and that THIS TRICK, ID100 is the #1 choice of the world's #1 "number trick" guy. Don't think about them like a magician, think about them like an entertainer.


A spectator rolls 2 dice. They remember which 2 sides are up. Then, using an INGENIOUS process, you're able to tell them with 100% certainly exactly which 2 dice they rolled. Which one they rolled first, and which they rolled 2nd.

Again, these are imaginary dice. Nothing physical is used in this trick... unless.... unless you do what I do, which is to use REAL DICE to reveal the secret! That adds 2 additional tricks to the mix (where did the dice come from, and how are they facing the correct way?)

I'm getting off track. This is a complete routine complete with funny jokes, and a seriously cool method that you can use to open ANY act, or just use the next time someone asks to see something cool.