Howard Hamburg - SWE Notes

Howard Hamburg - SWE Notes

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Howard Hamburg - SWE Notes


This is an ALL NEW SET of Lecture Notes from the 2012 Lecturer of the Year, Howard Hamburg. These are all self-working effects PLUS a great story about Howard and Vernon is included!
Logistical Theory: Spectator selects three cards from three different areas of the deck and is asked not to look at these cards but to place them face down in front of them.
Magician explains the concept of logistical theory and proceeds to place cards face-up in a random pattern on the table. The magician then reveals the three selected cards.
Five Dollar Surprise: Magician shows five one dollar bills. Magician turns 1st dollar bill face down onto table, 2nd bill face down 3rd bill face down, 4th face up and 5th face down. Bills are gathered up and turned over to find all the bills are now all face up.
Presentation: Shuffle a deck of cards and offer a spectator either the bottom half or the top half of the deck. Magician instructs the spectator to turn over their half to a face up position. Magician asks spectator to spread some of the cards to the right and to separate them from the deck while still holding the spread cards. He then instructs the spectator to turn over the remaining packet he is holding in his left hand to a face down position.
Plus an ESP Trick and a great packet trick that will FOOL EVERYONE. You will need to supply your own ESP cards but these notes do include a gimmicked card for another routine the is included.