Horrors 2.0 by Stuart Robson & Julien Losa (Full Download)

Horrors 2.0 by Stuart Robson & Julien Losa (Full Download)

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Horrors 2.0 - Stuart Robson / Julien Losa (Instant Download)

Guess the Horror Movie your spectator is thinking of ! A classic wonderful trick from the 1930's brought back to the 21st century !

Horrors !! By Stuart Robson is a CLASSIC from the 1930’s.
And nowadays it’s still a very clever routine, that inspired a LOT of creators !

This is Julien Losa’s take on this pocket mental miracle !

WHAT IS THE EFFECT : you will be able to guess what horror movie the spectator is thinking of !

Everything you need will wait for you on something you already carry every single day : your phone.
And NO WORRIES : there’s no app. So you can perform this routine whether you’re an Android fan or an iPhone fanatic !

It’s easy and fun to perform, it gives reasons and purpose to look at lists (if you know the original… you know), a little pocket miracle always ready to go !

WARNING : This trick is mostly intended for casual/informal settings situations.