Fright The Impromptu Haunted Deck by Jeki Yoo (MP4 Video Download)

Fright The Impromptu Haunted Deck by Jeki Yoo (MP4 Video Download)

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Jeki Yoo - Fright The Impromptu Haunted Deck

South Korea’s Jeki Yoo has blended innovative sleight of hand with classic plots to amaze audiences around the world. Now he’s created a wonderful walk around mystery that is totally impromptu. This Haunted Deck routine is super visual and gets great reactions. This is Fright by
Jeki Yoo.

Here’s what happens:
A deck of cards can be shuffled by the audience. A card is selected, and lost back in the deck. The deck is then balanced on the back of the card box and held with one hand by the magician. Slowly, and eerily, the back cuts itself with the bottom half of the deck pushing itself out from underneath the top packet. The card that pushes itself out the furthest is in fact the selected

This take on Haunted Deck is astonishing because not only is everything examinable, it appears like your fingers never move. You’re in total control of when the deck cuts itself. This is the kind of Haunted Deck you are going to want to do. Make your deck Fright with this awesome effect from Jeki Yoo.