Deck Ja Vu by John Carey (2020 Version) (MP4 Video Download)

Deck Ja Vu by John Carey (2020 Version) (MP4 Video Download)

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John Carey - Deck Ja Vu (2020 Version)

An amazing and practical self-working miracle that allows your spectators to become the stars of your show!

Brought to you by John Carey, Deck Ja Vu starts by having three playing cards selected and then lost in an extremely fair manner. Then, impossibly, YOUR SPECTATORS are able to find their own cards. You will not believe how EASY THIS IS TO DO!

The ingenious Deck Ja Vu deck of cards does all the hard work for you. It AUTOMATICALLY forces and locates all three selections.


Combined with an instant reset, Deck Ja Vu is commercial and powerful magic at its finest. It's perfect for everyone from beginner magicians to close-up and restaurant magicians that are performing from table to table.

Deck Ja Vu is available in either RED or BLUE and comes with complete instructions-including additional ideas and a special bonus routine from Liam Montier.