Daniel Young - Trinity

Daniel Young - Trinity

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Daniel Young

A small collection of three effects. First one out is an invisible cuing system, that can be used for spectator as mind reader effects of all kinds. They see writing appear on a card and then vanish.

Second one, and definitely a favorite, a memorised book effect. Any person selects a page in a book, you proceed with memorising it, you close the book and put it aside. Ask someone to name a "line number", and someone else to name a "word number". You think. You write. And place your writing out of sight. Take the book again and show that the word at the designated position is, say for example, "never". A spectator can look at what you wrote and it's the right word. No forces, switches, no nail writer, no memorisation.

And last is a PK watch routine, time seems to be really slow or moving on a borrowed watch, that you never touched... twice! This is some outside the box thinking, and be warned, its not something you can do all the time and everywhere.

1st edition 2006; 24 pages.