Dan Hauss - ChewBoxa (Video Download)

Dan Hauss - ChewBoxa (Video Download)

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ChewBoxa by Dan Hauss (Instant Download) The PERFECT opening, closing OR ANYTIME EYE-CANDY. Visually change a box of cards into a box of gum!

High Quality MP4 video download now

Dan Hauss is a creative genius, and his latest release is a eye-popping STUNNER.

One of the most versatile illusions for the close-up performer. Use to open your set, close your act, or just do it anytime, off-the-cuff! But it's not just good looking, it's versatile too.

In this THOROUGH 33 minute instructional video, Dan will show you how to change cards into gum, gum into cards, even how to reveal a chosen card, and produce a full deck from the box!

Gum tricks are hotter than ever. So are card tricks. And whether you do one, the other OR BOTH, now you have the perfect transition.

  • Over 30 minutes of detailed instruction

  • Multiple bonus handlings

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to construct

If you're not performing ChewBoxa, you're missing a huge opportunity to add eye-candy to your closeup.

Lesson #19582. Unleash the magic.

A classic beginner mistake is to perform ONE single trick, and then.. kinda wait around while your spectators kick the tire, poke holes and speculate on the trick's method. I can tell you from experience, it's stressful and uncomfortable.

"Move on to something else." is the standard response from any pro. Sounds simple enough, and it's great advice, but the reasoning behind it is worth understanding, too.

If you can keep the pace high enough, and the magic plentiful enough, you actually outpace your audience's ability to keep up with the madness, short-circuiting any way they can replay your performance in their mind. By the time your act is over, at least 5-10 minutes have passed since any specific moves or methods, making it all quite a bit "fuzzier" in their minds. Not to mention chemically, that intense feeling of "!#$%@ you fooled me, I'm gonna figure you out!" that some type-A personalities get has had time to subside.

Sure, ChewBoxa is a great trick. It's visual and impossible looking. But on a deeper level, it enhances your performances by filling in your transition from one style of magic to another by short-circuiting anyone's brain who is still trying to replay your last trick.